Tom's Stuff

Deep BASIC - DOS chess program written
in QuickBASIC 4.5

Tom's Live Chess Game Viewer - Utility for watching
computer chess games live on the internet.

Kanguruh - 32bit Winboard compatible
chess engine written in PowerBASIC

MiniMax - Winboard compatible chess engine
written by Dieter Steinwender and Chrilly Donninger

Winboard Network Adaptor - Small utitlity for playing
Winboard engines on seperate machines

Tom's dedicated chess computers - Photos and games from
my collection of dedicated chess computers.

Tom's Simple Engine Manager - Simple utility for
adding, deleting and editing chess engines for Winboard.

Tom's Game Analyser Utility - Easy to use utility for
finding interesting positions in games.

Any questions, bugs to report or suggestions?
You can contact me on the following email address - Thomas McBurney

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