Tom's Simple Engine Manager for Winboard

Tom's Simple Engine Manager is a utility used for adding, deleting and editing chess engines for Winboard. With this
utility you no longer need to manually edit the winboard.ini file which will save you time and hassle. The utility supports
the most commonly used options for Winboard engines like setting the protocol version, set the reuse option, program
startup string and initialisation string.


Simply run the Setup.exe program after you have extracted it from the zip file. When the setup wizard asks you which directory to install Engman v1.41 to, choose the folder where Winboard is installed ( must be the same directory as your Winboard.ini file). The setup wizard will place the engman.exe file into the Winboard folder and various ActiveX controls into the windows system folder.

Please Note: A backup of your winboard.ini file will be created the first time you run this program.
When this program starts, it will read the winboard.ini to extract information about the engines you have installed.
The program in some cases may have difficulty interpreting the information in the winboard.ini file if lines contain
inconsistent or wrong information, like having a start quote with no end quote etc.

To simplify the management of chess engines, this program is not designed to keep a separate first and second engine list.
The utility will make the second engine list the same as the first engine list when it edits the winboard.ini file. If your first and
second engine lists are different then care should be taken when using this utility because it will modify both lists to be the same.


Download Tom's Engine Manager for Winboard v1.41 - 768KB (5th March 2006) (Uploaded 3rd January 2009)

Any questions, bugs to report or suggestions?
You can contact me on the following email address - Thomas McBurney