Chapter Twenty-Four of The Widows Son

The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene

(Excerpts as they are pro ported to be translated, taken from Robert Anton Wilson's Second Book in the Historical Illuminatus Chronicles, "The Widows Son")

These are the words which the Living Jesus spoke and I, Mary, his spouse, wrote down.
And whosoever finds the meaning of these words shall find the Living One.

He said: When you remember well, you will know that most are children of one father and one mother. But if you do not remember, you are in poverty; yea, you are poverty.
The first shall become last, and the last will become first; they shall be a single one. When you see the first and the last, you will have no doubt: it is like seeing your own face in a glass.

He said the seed was scattered on many worlds. Some seeds were on rocky worlds and did not sprout. Some seeds were on sandy worlds and did not bear fruit. Some seeds were consumed by the flame. Some seeds became the Living One. Who has ears, they shall hear. Smash the old laws and wake form the Lie that all men believe.
And he said:These words are simple, but they shall set the world on fire. I have started the fire, but the woman, my spouse, shall bring forth the bread.

He said: That which is on the sky is that which is in the earth. That which is in the sun is that which is in the moon.When face beholds face reflected, it is in balance and the Living One comes forth.

He said:The heavens that men see shall pass away, and the heavens that they do not see will pass away, but the Living One is life and does not become death.There is that which cannot die but you cannot hold it in a tight fist.

He said: You were in the light you were the light, you were one. Now you have become two, and can reflect the light unendingly, but you think you are in darkness.

And he said: Tell me what I am like.
And Peter said: You are like a flaming angel. And Matthew said: You are like a mother who loves her children. And his twin, brother Jude said:I dare not say the words to say what you are like, Master.
Jesus said: I am not your master. You have drunk too much. You are drunk and talk like a fool.
And he took Jude aside and spoke to him in secret.
And the others asked what Jesus had said; But Jude answered:If I repeated, you would take up stones and kill me.

Jesus said: If you fast, you will create great evils. If you pray, you will be cursed. If you obey the law, you will lose your souls.

But act from the light within and you will do well. Heal the sick, console the dying, make jokes in the face of the wise, and teach only one thing: The Kingdom of Heaven is here and now. Smash, smash the old laws and and wake from the lie that all men believe.

He said: I will give you what eye has never seen and it will consume you. You will burn in it.

Peter asked: What shall be the end?
Jesus answered: Have you discovered the beginning, that you may comprehend the ending? Where the beginning was, there the end shall be.

I said to Jesus: What are your disciples like?
He said: They are like children who play at war. They fall down and play dead; they rise up and play life again. But they have not died, nor lived. But you, beloved, have died in making life out of life, so you are truly alive.
He said: It is right in front of their noses and they do not see it. Their mothers gave it to them at birth but they have misplaced it. THey are all drunk in this world; even those who do not drink, they are drunk still.
And he said: Life is real only to the man or woman who is real. The rest is dreams and drunken ravings.
The way out is by means of the door. But they dig tunnels and burrow deeper into darkness.

Jesus said: My soul is full of pity because they are too drunk to see the begining and the end.

He said: If the spirit gave birth to the flesh, that surely was a mistake, is it not? Or if the flesh gave birth to the spirit, that was a miracle of miracles, was it not? Can an apple become a plum, or life become death?
I am astounded that such wealth had come to live here in poverty. The Kingdom of Heaven is before you; wake, wake from the Lie that all men believe.

He said: What you thought yesterday is what you are today. A drunken man lay in straw and dreamed he was in an emperor's bed; was his error unusual? I say it was the most usual in the world. Who has ears, they shall hear.

He said: The criminals who do not get caught throw stones at the criminals who are caught. The ordinary mind breeds nothing but criminals: it is like a dream: yea, it is dreaming.
And he said: When two become one, they shall say to the mountain: "Be moved" and it will be moved.

Matthew asked: When shall the new world come?
He said: It has already happened but you where looking the other way. Your cellar is full of gold but you are seeking amongst the cobwebs in the attic.

And he said: A certain landlord took his money and bought many new fields and bought seed also and sent his workers to seed the field. And he planned to have abundant harvests and be rich. That night he died. Who has ears, let them hear.

Salome asked: How shall I know the Living One?
He answered her, saying: The Living One is full of light. Those who are divided, they are full of darkness.
I tell the mysteries to those who are ready. Let not your right hand know what the left hand is doing.
And he said: Two will lie down in one bed. One will become a corpse, the other will live.

He said: It is very easy to be a criminal. In this world, it is very hard work to be human.
They are drunk, and they do no work, and they are all criminals.
If you try to wake them or sober then, they will be terrified and they will try to kill you. Be as gentle as doves and as subtle as serpents.

Peter asked: Who sent thee?
Jesus answered him and said:The cornerstone that the builders rejected is the place from which I came. The gate that is not a gate is the source of the Living One.

A man said to him: Tell my brothers to divide my fathers possessions with me.
Jesus said: I am not a divider.
And he said to the disciples: Do you think I came here to make division? I came here to sober the drunks, and wake the sleepwalkers, and rehabilitate the criminals.

He said: There is more violence in the ordinary mind than in a twenty-year civil war. They are all drunks fighting in a tavern. The all cry "Fool, fool!" and plan murderous revenges in private.

Many stood at the door but only the bridegroom enters the bridal chamber.
I tell you he who says, "Fool, fool!" is already a murderer.

And He said: They do not see the Living One because they are in a fever. They do not hear because they are asleep.
Jesus said: I have come to put an end to revenge.They who see the next thing, and the next thing after that, their quarrels cease at once.

He said: Be silent, and listen to the inner voice. Then silence even the inner voice. The Living One will come forth, and the bride will join the bridegroom.
Great wealth and the Living One is here now, amid the wars and poverty. The Garden of Eden is not around the next corner, and Heaven is not the day after tomorrow. Who has ears, let them hear.

Jesus said: A man thought, "My neighbor has wronged me," so he killed him. Another thought, "My neighbor has wronged me," so he slandered him. A third thought, "My neighbor has wronged me," so he robbed him. Are these unusual or remarkable thoughts? They are not unusual or remarkable.
The ordinary mind, drunk with passion creates all the violence in the world. Judge not and there will be an end to violence.

He said: If you can see heaven in a mustard seed, then you can be said to know heaven. If you can see what is going on around you for an hour, then you can be said to have entered eternity.
It is so vast that you cannot climb over it. It is so deep that you cannot crawl under it. It is closer than you pulse; it is more intimate than your own blood.

And He said:I see infinite knots but I also see that there is on one string.
There is one flesh and one mind, one light, and many reflections.
A city that is on a mountain, is that hidden? Does any man light a lamp and hide it under a bushel?

He said: If you ask your mother for bread, will she give you a stone? If you ask her for light, will you be denied?
The desires of the human heart were not put there without reason.

Peter asked: When shall you reveal to us the mysteries you have only told to Mary, your spouse, and Jude, your brother?
Jesus said: When you take off your clothes without being ashamed, you will know the Living One; you will see the unborn and the undying. You will not need me to tell you.
Smash, smash, smash all the old laws and wake from the Lie that all men believe.

He said; Beware of false prophets. They are wolves disguised as sheep. They have made themselves eunuchs for the Kingdom's sake, but they do not know the Kingdom, nor does the Kingdom know them

He Said: Take in the bitch that moans at your door and look after her puppies. Then the Kingdom is within your house.
Pass by the praise and blame as a horseman passes a village in the night. Then the Kingdom will never leave you.

He said: Who rejects me will be forgiven. Who rejects prophets and sages will be forgiven. Who rejects Sophia, the Mother, will not be forgiven in all eternities.

Peter asked: Are you the Living One?
He said: I am the Living One, I am the All. Before Abraham was, I am. Cleave a piece of wood and I am in the middle of it. Lift up a stone and I am there. Empty a bucket and you pour me on the ground.
He or she who understands these words will repeat them and not lie in so speaking.

He said: There is a long memory and a short memory. I have come to teach long memory.
When you find the world, you will find the body; and when you find the body, the world will hate you.

Jesus said: Who can say No to others is strong. Who can say No to himself is wise.
And He said: The foxes have their holes and the birds have their nests, but the Living One does not stop and rest.

He said: The Kingdom is like a woman who has taken a seed and made a loaf of bread.

He said: You have become what you thought. All good and evil in the world began as thoughts.
There is no angry thought that does not bring forth violence sooner or later.

The disciples said: Come, it is time to pray and fast.
He said: What sins have I committed, that I should pray and fast? When the groom comes out of the bridal chamber, the guests celebrate; they do not pray and fast.

And He said: If you know your true mother, the world will call you a son of a whore.
Our Kingdom is not this world. We are in the world but our home is in the stars

Jesus said: These words shall not be understood until the male becomes female and the female becomes male.
He said: The angry man lives in an angry world. The sad man lives in a sad world. The living one lives in eternity.

He said: The Kingdom is in the sky but is also in the earth. If it were in the sky only, the birds would get there before you. If it were in the earth only, the worms would get there before you. The Kingdom is within you.

Jesus said: The drunken man looks everywhere for the key that is within his pocket. The dreamer sees dragons and monsters but he does not see the room that he dreams in. The ordinary mind is so impoverished that it is no mind at all.
They all hate each other, because they have not know themselves. They hate one another, because they all believe the same Lie that all men believe.

Peter said: Let Mary go out from us here, for women are not worthy to sit here.
He said: I have taught you the mysteries and you have heard them not. I have put food in your mouth and you will not chew.

Jesus said: You cannot drink the ocean in one gulp. You cannot walk to Egypt in one day.Do you think you will understand the Living One with out effort?

He said to his disciples: They are planning to kill me. Are you afraid?
Peter said: I am sore afraid. Matthew said: What will become of us? And all muttered and were downcast.
Jesus said: What is of the world, the world can kill. What is not of the world, the world cannot kill. I am not of this world.

After the crucifixion, Peter went to Jude, the twin brother of Jesus, and asked: What shall we do?
And Jude said: It has been done. Lazarus has done it. He has protected the widow and the widows son. They are gone whereCaesarr and his great armies shall not find them.
They are in the world, and the world does not know them.
Many shall have the Cross, and bow down and worship it, but only the wise shall find the Living One.

I have presented the previous knowing full well that it may be false and created by others to resemble the word of Jesus(the line about the key in the pocket is one of the more doubtful ones in my mind, but there you go). The other side of the coin, of course, suggests that if the Church edited the word of Jesus and God during the Nicene Council, then some of what the bible says may be false and created by others. This, supposedly, was one of the books that was not allowed into the good news. Some would call this a Gnostic text, regardless of it's validity. Well as the author of the book that I took this text from has been known to say....... "Reality was what you get away with."

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