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by the fiend

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so you wanna know what an old hat conspiracy theorist like me thinks of how the world works? well, as a discordian conspiracy theorist, i have to stick to the belief that everything is true, especially the lies. this contradiction/paradox leads to many wonderful possabilites but the ones that i have at the most forefront of my mind works like this.....

there are many groups through out the world that are secret societies. even a small business with more than one employee that has any unwritten rule (say, about talking about work away from work) can be seen as a society that keeps secrets. just because they are not neccesarily conspiring against a person, the government or their competition means anything. but it can lead to others conspiring against them to get their secrets. this is a carnivourous circle, if there was ever one.

outside influences can still affect the business analogy. rates increased. patent problems. re-zoning permits lost. they may all lead to the business failing and having to sell/reveal its secrets in order for the individuals to survive. and it is quite possible for a more powerful company to influence any of the above circumstances, and more. it is through this way that groups attack, destroy, and recruit their puppets.

puppet groups are of course just the building blocks of conspiracy theory. often overlooked, are the pawns. there are two types of pawns in these games that the powers that be or the ever popular "them" play. the willing and the unwitting. the willing pawns are the ones who have been bought out by the groups. they are given information on small parts of the puzzle to give them the feeling that they are taking part of something that is greater and means more than them..... that they are more than just the cattle because they are a part of it. this is how the fraternities, societies and some businesses recruit. they might appeal to the persons national pride, need to belong, financial longings or power hunger. the unwitting pawns are you and me. the individual people. you have already been recruited into many conspiracies and allow them to dictate your actions. the rules of the office. the pro/anti-anything debate. how to act in almost any social interaction is dictated by what people expect and different people/cultures expect different things. just as different friends and different bosses expect different things. and demand them.

so with so many things out there what am i on about with this grand unified theory? well i'm on about how all conspiracies are correct. there is a secret group out to control the world. it's popularly called the illuminati. there is one problem. it's not just one group. illuminati (depending on who's translation you want to use) basicly is a head trip for some people to believe that they are the enlightened(illuminated) few who know what the true destiny of mankind is meant to be. they know the "secrets" of god/satan/majik/money markets/atlantis/space/death/koosh balls/genetetics/quantum pysics or what ever they want to claim they know. due the the fact that each illuminati knows what mankind is meant to become, they are striving towards it. fortunatly, they get in each others way striving for their long term goal. this means that the fate of the world has yet to be decided.

for ease of understanding i'll talk about the groups that act on the world in terms of the steve jackson games "illuminati" and "illuminati: new world order." (the concordance for which is probably much more useful than what i am writing) while most people look at these products as a game, it is in fact, just that. a well researched game. this is not to say that what they have written or what i have written is the absolute truth, but they are good basic guidelines to looking at what is happening in the world in a different point of view. rememeber that these groups do not neccesarily go by these names in your local area.

chronologicaly, the servants of c'thulhu would be the first of the illuminati. based on the writings of h. p. lovecraft, c'thulu is a netherworldly demon/god who came to earth from space/another dimension with his "family" before the rise of mankind. cities where built and destroyed that may be a lead to some kind of primitive race memory of atlantis. c'thulhu and his kind were banished/exiled/confined to earth in a sleep like state but still influence the world through dreams. the servants are portrayed as scientific genuises making "breakthroughs" and halfwits, who mess around with the "secrets man was not meant to know". The gist of what they try to do is prepare the world for the time when "the stars are right" and c'thulhu will return to devour the world. nihilists who tell themselves nothing is important as it's all going to be eaten anyway.
the reality is that h. p. lovecraft was the son of a freemason of an egyptian styled lodge. it is generaly thought that c'thulu and his kin convert over to the tales of tiamat and other sumerian deities too easily to be a coincidence. in fact as the first recorded religion of a "civilised" mankind most other secret societies can be linked back to it(although some of them do claim that they were first). for example.....

as mad arabs go they don't get much madder than the society of assasins. a secret society in the loosest possible terms. they were the first group to really start using mind control techniques. what they would do is get the scum and street beggers from the street, give them lots of drugs, religious propoganda and show them a room full of beautiful women, trees, and every earthly delight and say to them "when you kill someone in the name of **** and kill yourself you will come here to heaven."
this is the most mercenary of the secret societies for while they seem to be defunct, there are many small assasin for hire agencies, often controlled by underworld groups(or covert government groups who need the occasional "lone nut" to appear from time to time). their techniques are still being used and are being used to influence world politics at all times. the snuff film industry has been rumoured to be a recent offshoot venture.

sometime inbetween then there was a time when those of the servants who practiced magic began to experiment with what they had. rather than do the same old ritual they'd try something else, a different technique or style or herb. this exprerimental group shot off and eventually became the adepts of hermes. these guys use their spells and their knowledge to influence the reality around the people in it. (sort of like a cattle herder building a cattle run from texas to toronto rather than hiring the men to get the herd there.)
magick is not what they make it look like in the movies but it is there and even worse, than those who try to control us through it, are the people who use it thinking it's a bit of a lark calling entities they have no idea about.....(or perhaps you've heard of them by the other name they go by.... that of the invisible college). secret and hidden form those who would try to find it. just like.....

the bavarian illuminati. they control, blackmail, fabricate and decive the political side of the world. this is not to say that they don't still use majick but they aim it at those in control, so that they might control them. why control the populace when you contol the heads of state? and why not joke about your existance so that people think you don't exist.... when you're right in their face daily....
they began as an offshoot of the masons in the 1770's and started bringing into the fold the great minds and political heads and started to teach them the "secrets" (the same secrets as offered by the rosicurions and modern day templer temples. great truths. and of course a little bit of magick). the prince of wales, the future king of england, is made a freemason of the 33rd degree before crowned prince. other fronts that are talked about, that are now all splinter groups with their own ideals and the like, are the order of the garter, the knights of malta, the allumbros, the cross and bones society and some of the gnostics.

when man first met other man language got in the way. but he learnt to over come that with loads of cash. the gnomes of zurich are the people who control the money of the world. never a borrower or a money lender be they say. they say sell. they say buy. they watch the stock market do what they want. they control what you pay for and how much you have to pay for it. they are the most powerful of the illuminaties for that reason but at the same time they like things the way they are and have no plans for changing the world. not right now anyway.

light is a popular thing amongst the illuminati. the bringers of the light and the one true way and the light. thus was born the society of light. the anti-illuminati. the secret society for the destruction of secret societies. they use the techniques to unravel the strings of control from the illuminati's. they double cross the blackmailee. they rain on the parades. they're twice as arrogant as the rest because they know they're doing the really right thing. and so secret i can't find anything on them. :)
well... that's a lie. they have their fronts that are unwitting, thinking they are striking a blow against evil and are just as easily manipulated by the media as the rest of us. destroy all fanatics, anyone?

aquarians and all the other peace love and harmony crowd. where did they spring from? where did this interest in "new age" spirituality come from? shangri la is the peacful village in the tibetan mountains where everything is perfect... until you want to leave.
Other people have talked about the huge underground network of tibetian monks who contol one of the many entrances to the hollow world where they monitor everything. one of the eastern centers of mysticism(ordus templus orientus - order of the eastern temple : one of crowleys many past groups, although how far east was east is debated. the middle east is still east and to those who know if you travel east far enough you come pack to where you started.) the peaceful secret zen masters are those who do need to show their strength. lately even science has rediscovered the ideals with quantum physics and chaos theory making all reality doubtful once more.

mysteries abound! and the reason they do is because of the bermuda triangle. this area is oft considered a no go area by the other illuminati's as there is stuff there that even they don't want to mess with. the creators of the stuff that is just to wierd to explain....
but here goes. masters of controling all aspects of human life, they influence winds, weather and land movement from their centre making it the main area that feels the chaotic backlash of nature. ancient antlanteans using magick or science or both(any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from majick and vice versa)? raining frogs and black snow are other side effects.

computers are everywhere. they control everything. they know everything. a few even think they know everything. but they are all controlled by the hackers the phreakers, the programmers and the hardware people. and they have some pretty twisted senses of humour and morality. the network was named back in the seventies and has slowly built up its ranks with the people of the world... who rule the online world. who trade information as easily as you'd swap lunch... the governments can't stop it. the money people get ripped off by it. the mages ruin each others paradigms through it. but the cthulians just get as much free publicity as they like throught it... remember who to vote for in the year 2000....

chaos is everywhere in the world and the illuminati's try to place their order upon it. the discordians, however, are not standing by for this. they don't so much try to bring back the old chaos but help create the new chaos that the illuminati's must try to control again. fly's and gnats but they are begining to swarm.....
claiming to be descended from the original antlantian yetis(something the sub-genii, bob-worshiping, soul-selling-out, prairysquid-screwing, s/lackeys-of-the-evil-one, stole), they act alone or (shockingly) together to stop the conspiracy, which they have been fighting since the days of atlantis, getting what it wants. Basicly they think that by acting weired, attacking their societies beliefs and attaining personal enlightenment, they have succesfully stopped the con. which, in the hollistic view of things, they have.
(a special note to the klf, also known as the kallisti liberation front, also known as 2k, also known as the timelords, also known as the jams and furthermore known as the justified ancients of mumu.)

even greater at confronting the powers that be, however, is organised crime. death to all french italy cries. these guys cause more trouble for any con than any single public uprising ever... mainly 'cause the conspiracy plans those. no matter how many laws are made, organised crime will break them, make it possible for ordinary citizens to break them and make a profit from it all. their money rivals the gnomes, but they tend to keep their money with them anyway. their political power is awsome. the like the con controling things as they make more and more laws which just make them more and more powerful. truly, the yang of the ying.
i'm not one to church bash, being of christian religion myself, but the conspiracy of tales told about the bible are worthy of mention. did the church leave out vital information when they sat down to formulate the new testament circa 300 a.d? why are there conflicting reports about jesus's attitude towards women in the church? what of the difference between the new testament and the king james version of the new testament? what of, the even rarer, book of mary? what about the tales of the the real meaning of the holy grail, the divine kings, who were descended from the child born of mary of magdalene, the wife of jesus? why have such things been deemed unnecessary for us to know? what are we being protected from? why do the templers(and so many more) claim to know the truth?
not all of them start here on earth(or do they?). new aliens (depending on which version of c'thulhu you like) arrive daily to fiddle with our genetics or to give us messages of peace and love. they seem to know what's in our best interests. mind you, as some people theorise that they are infact from the future of our planet and are higher evolved versions of ourselves, they definitly have their best interests at heart as well.ufo's are far from it nowerdays with everyone knowing what to look for....

when all is said and done, what part do we play in the conspiracy? simple. we believe what others tell us. we believe that science works and magic doesn't or vice versa. few are willing to admit that both work. that god is real or not. that we are evolved or created. every choice that you choose to follow or believe in allows them to do what they want to do. they've already thought of almost everyway that you can fight back against them, so why bother? how can you fight? why fight?
my answer is it's up to you. you can choose to enjoy it. you can choose to hate it. you can choose to live with it. you can choose to ignore it(very popular). you choose.
the minute you choose for yourself, thinking for yourself, that's the moment that you move ahead. others may not see it that way, but..... well, don't believe everything that you breath.
of course i might just be blathering. if you believed anyhting i wrote above then go see the skeptics and disbelieve. then make up your own mind. keep in mind that there are people who are worse (or better) than me out there.
this page was begun the same day i found out about w.s. burroughs death....
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[ Posted on Sun, 3 Aug 1997 04:42:10 GMT ]

It is with great sorrow that I inform this newsgroup
that a great frater, friend and Elder of the IOT
passed away.  The Psychonaut William Seward Burroughs moved onto
new explorations in the early morning of Saturday, August 2nd.
William was an incredible human being... veiwing life a step
ahead of his generation.  A gentleman who pushed the
limits of the literary and art worlds as well as the magick
within it all.  Those that performed
magical acts and rituals with him will never forget
his childlike wonder and love of magick.
William was no armchair magician... to watch him
paint his sigils... to be spinning, laughing and
yelling in the midst of a invocation of chaos and
just two months ago yesterday when
I watched him perform acts of magick, with a North
American Indian Shaman and
a group of Vietnam Vets, shooting his .45 at painted
sigils to activate them.

Thank you Frater Dalhfar.23 for your inspiration,
your friendship, your magick and most of all
the mark on this world that you made...
you are a great magician with a fortitude of
the gods of chaos... keep on doing what you
do best and turn the netherworld

In Chaos,

Frater AREON.5
IOT Americas, Section Head Retired when

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