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A Semiotic Breakdown of the Symbology within the Most Recognized Icon of the So-called "Illuminati."

When the majority of people look at the back of a dollar bill or see the corresponding graphical design of a circle within a triangle, they tend not to make a big deal out of it. They pay for their goods or move on to the next page or storefront.

For others, the symbol strikes a chord of terror and paranoia as they consider it akin to a brand of the secret masters who control the world.

For an even rarer group, they look at it and they smile knowingly, content in their world, which they feel that they control.

Regardless of this not many people look into the eye in the pyramid for too long, fearful of what they might find looking back.
This is an exploration of many different cultures and ideals which, when combined, creates a view which is beyond all three previous groups combined.

To start let's look at the mystical nature and meaning of the components within.

The pyramid itself is well documented for having the strange ability to keep knives sharp and is thought of to be a conduit/centering point for some sort of cosmic power. Regardless of how it is drawn, is composed of triangles. Triangles are multi-components of themselves in elemental ideals....

triup.gif - 25665 Bytes Rules are Broken

It is the symbol of fire that is thought of mostly in common with the Illuminati. The Enlightened ones, are also held by church fundamentalists as the false light bringers, more likely the creation of Prometheus or Lucifer Morningstar(the false star, Venus.) As such, people tend to get their fingers burnt when playing around with such things. A look at the second element, air, shows us the more common, separated, triangle. The triangle floating above the trapezoid. Anton Levay's writings on the fundamental unpleasantness of the castrated, incomplete non-triangle can be read elsewhere. The top of the trap-ezoid, called the frustum, shows how enlightenment is not as easy as just walking up the side and taking it. Enlightenment has been cut away from those at the bottom and no-one can ever really make it to the top(Others before me have commented on the 13 layers of stone to get to the top of the frustum. I'll leave that to the numerologists to explain). With the air element, the top is, in fact, fire. The symbols for fire sits atop the trapezoid of air, cut away from it. You have to remember that, without air/gasses, nothing would burn. But what is hidden in that floating tip of the pyramid that they don't want us to get to?
The eye's have it....

mandorla.gif - 79538 Bytes Window to the Soul

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. Who are we to say otherwise. In ancient beliefs it was thought that the mandorla, as seen above, holds the geometric key to the crossing of two worlds, being the product of two overlapping circles(a triangle being made when you cross three). From this thought comes the prospect of the eye being the bridge between the internal world and the outside world. What internal world lies behind the American dollar bill?
Eye's are also meant to have a spiritual purpose

fisheye.gif - 14143 Bytes All the Better to See You WIth

Ancients accepted that the icon of an eye was just as good as, if not the equivalent of, the real thing. Hence, painting an eye on any structure gave it a strange form of life of it's own. Even today, our minds put qualities of facial structures into un living objects, such as car headlights or pumpkins. The result always seems eerie. (this has been included as part of the first myth i was ever told about the e.i.t.p. as a young boy, i had been told that it was, in fact, a scrying symbol of some ancient demonic entity that used it to spy on the actions of those who passed in front of it's gaze. a laughable story, to those who are firm believers in the non-existance of anything other than what schools and the discovery channel tell them, but one that makes you a little bit more conscious of it's presence. wave at it next time. see how it feels.) Many mystics used simulacrum, an image used in sympathetic magic, doubling for the thing represented, for the purposes of scrying, a form of divination through use of mirrors, crystals, speculi or other gazing devices. "focus sight upon ..... no definite image." A speculum is considered a light refracting or shiny surface. A "crystal ball" or "body of light." Back to the illumination thing again. The triangle of fire, holding the eye(ball) that sees. But still what about the owner of the eye?
The final product

horus.gif - 22446 Bytes SunGod

The most likely candidate, despite having picked up the nomenclature "eye of god" through good PR practices, making people think of the Almighty, and thanks to the naming of the Egyptian lodge of Freemasons, is the sun god, Ra. His eye has been painted on many a Goths face with it's own little stand underneath, that it seems almost obsolete to put the triangle around his fearsome gaze, as an aesthetic touch.
When one stops to think about it though... Many gods control the sun or at least some form of heavenly light. Jupiter scored the land with lightening. Jehovah was the pillar of light. Odin, was nicked name "One Eye" by his fellow gods for sacrificing an eye in exchange for knowledge of everything. Other gods and goddesses of the sun include:So many gods to choose from really. but the thing not to loose sight of is that the sun ties them together, to the eye and enlightenment. How? Maybe we should ask those who created us......
Then there is what they came here to teach us......

mind.gif - 29371 Bytes thing.gif - 38714 Bytes
space.gif - 25177 Bytes in.gif - 27264 Bytes

The adjacent are excepts from the book, Language from Space or aUI. I have selected these four diagrams as examples of where some of the basic concepts of a semiotic, non-language based/biased, understanding of the universe lie. The triangle is there as a symbol of the mind. Of the brilliance of thought. A simple dot represents a thing. One thing. The basis for any object to be recognized as seperate from all it's other components. Space. An area. No real boundaries other than where the circle begins and ends. And the coup d'gras, placing a thing within space. In. The circle with a dot within, one of the earliest and crudest, childlike drawings of the eye. Once again the area that has been breached by something else allowing something in. And they say beauty comes in at the eye.

Sun and gold

sunaudna.gif - 13973 Bytes Golden Grail

Alchemy is considered by many to be a long dead art, even though some still practice it, hidden away from the scientific eye that would point, laugh and jeer. One of the myths of alchemy is that it was about making money(lead from gold, something accomplished by Russian nuclear physicists thanks to a reactor core) when it was, Russian, about changing base matter to something golden. Their ancient symbols for gold and the sun was(is) the same symbol. A circle with a dot in it. The godhood of Ra(and the others) was their goal.The above pictures show some of the many different symbols for gold that were also in use. It's interesting to note the upper right hand side where an almost DNA like strand can be seen, or a cup. A precursor to the Holy Grail? What does Christianity have to do with the sun?
The original ideas of what the sun was, is represented in the earliest drawings of stars.....

sun.gif - 11232 Bytes It's Full of Stars

And it is from these representations we see the first humble beginnings of the cross take form. The four main points of the sun representing the four elements. The cross was used for many aeons before the romans decided to put the Son upon the Sun. Elsewhere the ying and the yang have other representations other than the circle. Some represent it as such.....
squareyang.JPG - 3006 Bytes
This representation of forces has the movement of the yang moving from left to right against the up/down of the ying. It doesn't require much to broaden the gaps, so as to create something similar to the Iron Cross of the Thule or the tabard of the Knights Templar....
cross.JPG - 3019 Bytes

So, the meaning of the red cross is not that far removed from the Egyptians. Even then, the square yin/yang resembles an aerial design for our old friend, the pyramid.
Other cultures have their own ideas as well.....

indian.gif - 26881 Bytes

It is interesting to note that other groups have similar ideas, with small differences. The Indian fire is a downward triangle and the air is the circle(air still fills a space, though.)Some western alchemists even differ on which triangle represents which. So which is the real deal? Who's representation of the e.i.t.p. is the real one? Well, if you ask who ever made it(or who they made it for) they'd say they were. And they'd be right.

Meet the real deal.
reincarnation.gif - 17838 Bytes The Other Eye
The above is from a 1500's book titled the Rosarium Philosophorum. It shows the idea of the spirit of mankind or the soul(Sol is the astronomical name for our sun) hovering over a sarcophagus(tomb/pyramid).Greek for flesh is sarx so the sarcophagus represents the body of flesh we inhabit. This embodies the idea of reincarnation as the spirit is both entering and leaving the body. It is in the nature of such people to use metaphors to cover their metaphors, hence the progression of artistic, abstract styles to mean many different things at once.
You may have read this wondering what the point was, or what I was on to bring forth this stream of conscious thought. It may look like I'm clutching at straws and bringing together two(or more) totally unrelated points, but that's what conspiracy theorist do. They make the quantum leaps of logic that bring together everything, not unlike how Kevin Bacon can be linked to any known actor. In this case, I have taken great use of these visual puns, for that is what all symbology is, and done the worst thing a human being could ever do.I've explained the "joke." If what I have written makes no sense to you then it might be an idea to stop for a moment, and look around this grand, old world of ours. While you're doing that, see what's looking at you......

Special thanks to the Big House for use of scanner and research materials.


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