"Greetings Earthmen! I have come in peace. Aren't you glad to see me... again?"
- the Impossible Man.

Greys has been knocking about in my head for awhile now and I figured it was about time I started putting it together. It is meant to be a guide for Storytellers to include little green men in their ideas to make their players even more paranoid then before. Players should never be allowed to make up a Grey character for game play, as these fellas kick butt. Rarely do they travel by themselves and only occasionally are they captured by any force (usually as a result of a crash). But don't think that all they do is kidnap people. There is a much bigger agenda and cast for those who come from the other worlds.

When using these rules there are many different plots that can be used or even reused on your players. Remember that you can change the rules at anytime you want especially with this set-up. The bad guys from the first encounter can easily become the good guys the next time round. You can play it that one of the characters goes through the abduction process or has flashbacks from his abduction experience or that they uncover the whole conspiracy while investigating an abduction or they are made aware of the problem when approached by an alien who wants to tell/study them. It's up to you.

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