Greys : the Abduction

Table of Contents

Prologue: The Abduction
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Setting
The Grays
Zeta Reticulans
The Alphans
Chapter 3: Storytelling
Chapter 4: Rules
Chapter 5: Characters
The Grays
Zeta Reticulans
The Alphans
Chapter 6: Psionics
Chapter 7: Alien Technology
What they don't have
Chapter 8: The World of Darkness
The Creatures of the Night have their say
Some other stuff: The Demise of Samuel
Bibliographic Stuff

Prologue: The Abduction

"Have you seen this child?"
- Milk carton.

Samuel Franklin lay upon the cool metal bench, feeling the warm fleshy feeling of the bands that kept him restrained. His eyes darted from left to right as the bright light shone from all directions. He tried to close his eyes. He strained muscles behind his eyelids that not even he was aware of but still his eyes would not close. The fibrous material that kept them set open had been placed awhile ago and every time he had widened his eyes it had held them in that position.

Samuel tried to remember how he had arrived in this predicament, but the only thing he could remember before waking was driving along the country road on his way to Reno, as Maxwell, his primogen, had requested. Reno, where he was meant to act as emissary, offering a deal for his fellow Tremere of that city.

But that had been earlier. How much earlier he could not say.

Shadows moved in the light, blurry outlines of small childlike shapes. Samuel cursed at them to no response. Out of the light came a multi-jointed arm, bearing a strange device and several needles. It moved its way around his body, coming to rest just above his abdomen.

"Stay calm," said a voice inside his head.

The needles punctured his skin and he felt substances oozing between his muscles and flesh, while other needles drained liquids from him. He tried to move his head up to watch it but the strange webbing still held him in place. He screamed.

this is unusual
what is?
this lifeform's readings
what of them?
they don't register....the equipment is functioning properly but this lifeform is not
what shall we do?
.......continue testing this details in full later.....

The shadows moved closer to Samuel. He could now make out the details of the faces around him. He screamed again.

"This isn't possible!!" he yelled, "They can't exist!! They don't exist!!!"
The testing continued.

the pain suppressants have no effect on this subject
this lifeform is meant to be non functional
it shows no signs of changing
continue to the next stage
proceed with installation of the chip

From behind the metal behind Samuel's head came another arm with two functions. One held a tiny chip, which would link into his spinal column and collect data about him, his reactions, his environment, what he saw, what he heard, what he felt. The other was the cutting device that would be used to make the incision into which the chip would be inserted. A small humming noise was heard and harsh beam of light hit the back of his throat. At the same time the light beam continued out of the front of his neck. Within the time that the laser normally took to cut it's way across the back of a human neck, Samuel's entire body had burst into flame.

well..... we know not to do that again

Chapter 1: Introduction

"Greetings Earthmen! I have come in peace. Aren't you glad to see me... again?"
- the Impossible Man.

Greys has been knocking about in my head for awhile now and I figured it was about time I started putting it together. It is meant to be a guide for Storytellers to include little green men in their ideas to make their players even more paranoid then before. Players should never be allowed to make up a Grey character for game play, as these fellas kick butt. Rarely do they travel by themselves and only occasionally are they captured by any force (usually as a result of a crash). But don't think that all they do is kidnap people. There is a much bigger agenda and cast for those who come from the other worlds.

When using these rules there are many different plots that can be used or even reused on your players. Remember that you can change the rules at anytime you want especially with this set-up. The bad guys from the first encounter can easily become the good guys the next time round. You can play it that one of the characters goes through the abduction process or has flashbacks from his abduction experience or that they uncover the whole conspiracy while investigating an abduction or they are made aware of the problem when approached by an alien who wants to tell/study them. It's up to you.

Chapter 2: Setting

"Have I ever told you about Twinkies man.... Do you know how they make those things? They don't cook them.... They just pour them into a mould and let them set. How can you eat anything like that?"
- Popular urban myth.

In the World of Darkness/Gothic-Punk Milieu stage, Greys have been around throughout the dawn of time, doing what they do. And what they do is try and direct humanity in the direction they want us to go. There have been recorded sightings of their activity from all over the globe from many different cultures. They have been taking time to study cultures, study genetic strains, and studying our behaviour, when they aren't influencing it that is....

(Editor's Note: Throughout this document, the term "Grey" is used for all Alien Races in general. "Gray" refers to one race in particular....)

Of the three main types of Greys there are the Grays themselves. These are the ones that receive the blame for missing persons and cattle mutilations. Next, are the Zeta Reticulans, who are unsure of mankind from the start due to the others manipulation of our past and are trying to learn about us so they can manipulate us back. Finally, there are the Alphans, who hide amongst mankind to control us. It is the Alphans who have made themselves known to the Illuminatus of the World of Darkness and have earned the name "Enigmatic Stratagem." (They have never taken credit for the actions of the others, the rest of the societies just assume it was them.)

The Grays

The Grays are well documented in their activities through out the world but very little is known about why they are able to operate. In the past, before we had the technology to detect them they came and went as they pleased, but as we discovered flight and nuclear energy, they made themselves known to the Government that had pioneered both. In a pact with the President of the United States, that was organised through the Defence Intelligence Agency, the Grays were given the right to follow and capture "specimens" for testing, on the proviso that they were to be returned back to the Government . The Government made its medical records known to the Grays who used this to track down those of the same genetics as the ones they began testing on all those years ago.

The Grays thought they had the best part of the deal until they had their first accident.

In Roswell, New Mexico, a Gray ship with a crew of three encountered difficulty navigating the Earth's magnetic field due to the nuclear testing that had been going on nearby. The ship crashed and was later discovered by US airmen. Only one Gray had survived the crash and it was interviewed by many different members of the DIA. The end result of this crash was the Defence realised that the Grays were not infallible, at which point they created the GRUDJESTIC-12 and brought in the other governments. They created a set of guidelines to be used by all parties should a craft crash land (E.B.E.). This involved the removal, study and testing of the vessel, and the same for any surviving crew, with the extra addition of eradicating the aliens afterwards. Understandably the Grays were annoyed at this decision, especially as the survivor of Roswell was kept alive for many years and never returned to them, before dying of what could only be assumed by scientists as "natural causes." The GRUDJESTIC-12 explained that it was something that would never worry the Grays so long as they didn't crash. The Grays, feeling their advantage slip slightly, shut up.

Since that time the Grays have been swapping data with the government on a regular basis, setting up shop within the DIA itself. Only a few of the military minds of the world are aware of the deal made with the Grays, and they aren't telling anyone. Even the Technocracy think that UFO sightings are a result of experimentation by the Sons of Ether or their own that they haven't been told about. A few Progenitors trade Iteration X weaponry for the genetic samples that the military provide them with, but they have no idea where the samples came from originally. Slowly they are teaching our scientists how to perfect their technology but is it that we are slow to learn or that they are dragging it out for as long as possible? (There are also rumours of contact between the Grays and the Void Engineer riddled secret society of the Order of Thule, one of the Blood Covenant offshoots, since the early thirties, helping them create their hollow earth bases at the North pole. Nowadays, they are considered complete wackos and avoided by everybody. That, however, doesn't stop the fact that the Nazis have flying saucers.) It is a known fact that the Grays fear our nuclear capabilities, but their technology is still fearsome enough to question going to war with them and we have little idea of how many of them are above us right now. Another point of interest is the link between lapin sightings and alien abductions. It could be that normal rabbits are attracted to the lights, but one can not help being suspicious about such dealings.

Recently there have been more than your usual number of creatures of the night wandering around in the background and at the forefront of this stage. It was only a matter of time before one was picked up. Samuel Franklin was the first vampire to be abducted by the Grays. After a slightly less then disastrous examination they redoubled their efforts, in order to find another sample. During the course of this they also managed to pick up a half a dozen Garou, a few Mages (who refer to the crew as Ka Luon), made contact with a few Wraiths (who in turn re-introduced them to some old friends from Egyptian days) but have yet to encounter a Changeling, although there are some reports that may indicate otherwise.

Zeta Reticulans

The Zeta Reticulans are scientists. They are here to study this world and what the Grays have done though out the ages to alter us. They have taken a greater interest in our planet as we are heading towards a common one world ideal. The Reticulans keep very much to their cliques here on Earth and they are only allowed to stay for several months at a time. Because of their own desire not to interact with humans as such, they have never taken samples, but instead "raid" the stocks of the Grays, from which they take the data needed to form their bodies while here on Earth. It is because of this fact that the cliques tend to look like groupings of septuplets. The twin thing is evened out by having at least two different looking groups present at each clique. Due to the nature of their disguise, anything that rips open the skin releases the green ambiotic fluid and a noxious gas that swells the eyelids, forces regurgitation, and induces a short period of unconsciousness. Most normal damage seems to have no effect on them, begin able to regenerate over time. Removing a limb would have some kind of effect but the resultant gas release would result in their being able to get away or at least to make sure the body isn't there by the time the others awaken (and the limb would grow back before 24 hours had passed). Death only comes when a special alloy, alien to earth, is used to make a puncture at the base of the neck (supposedly a sword would do the same thing but who knows with these alien guys), that results in the body breaking down completely within a matter of minutes.

They try to avoid contact with Humanity as a rule, and they noticed the Creatures of the Night long before the Grays first picked up Samuel, but as the Grays have started taking a special interest in them, the Reticulans have found themselves caught in a quandary of whether to warn those who think the night makes them invincible or not (plus as scientists it's an invaluable chance to study such a rare lifeform close up.). At any one time there are no more then 42 Reticulans on Earth.

The Alphans

The Alphans are not as good at disguising themselves as the Reticulans but they have no such fears about interacting with Humanity. It is the Alphans who have moved into the business sector while the Grays deal with the Governments. By offering secrets about other companies and by selling off some of their technology they have made themselves one of the main influential parties interested in running the Earth. In fact, through the guise of big business they are as successful at manipulating the Government as the Grays. Some circles even have taken to calling them the "Space Bankers." One of the other areas that the Alphans have taken full advantage of with human nature is the "New Age" movement, creating a multitude of religions that claim to be in contact with "celestial beings" offering (once again) secrets in exchange for $200 a meeting.

Alphans are hairless reptilian lifeforms that use very basic disguises to move through humanity. A wig, suit, powder base, and sunglasses to hide their eyes and they can catch a bus as unnoticed as the rest of the herd of humanity. They have seen the advertisements that are placed for contact lenses and have tried sclerical lenses but few feel comfortable wearing them all the time, preferring the sunglasses. Alphans are unusual amongst the Greys by preferring to move about by themselves, in order to avoid having the entire show given away if one gets captured. There are currently about 68 Alphans covering the entire globe, but when they feel they have purchased the majority of the planet, then the main force will arrive to claim what they legally "own."

There is one thing that confuses all Greys however. For some unfathomable reason they have never abducted a Gypsy, they have never had dealings with them and they refuse to go near one. This is a factor for the individual GM to work out or ignore.

After reading this you may want to increase upon the foundations set here. Seeing a group of Werewolves try to avoid a Predator, the effect of an alien bursting out of a Vampires chest(and if you paid attention in Alien3, if the result is a vampiric alien.....) as he looks on(hey, it never ruptures the heart just the chest), the Mages response to ID4, The Wraiths made by Xtro, or Changelings meeting a one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater. Do with it as you will. (Although any star trek/star wars parodies are of your own creation and I dis-avow any knowledge... yeesh, Worf as a Brujah indeed.) (and I see that B.J. Zanzibar already has aliens and predators..... ah well. Do something.)

Chapter 3: Storytelling

"Are you restricted to a narrow mind?
Is your heart limited, your view confined?
Scared by some magic symbols, some new word,
you have to hear what you've always heard?"
- Goethe's Faust.

The most important part for the aliens that should be included as part of the White Wolf system is the fact that they do not have magic. In fact for the purpose of the game the aliens don't believe in magic. That is not to say that they refuse to believe in it but rather that it is something they have never encountered before in any sense. Mankind is unique in the universe for having created through their own wishes and desires the metaphysics of the word around them in the World of Darkness. Aliens have no technocracy or traditions or clans or breeds. They are unified races, working against other worlds rather than against their own. One of the main elements of the World of Darkness that you cannot trust anything, let alone your reality. This is something that the greys add to but don't adhere to.

The alien mindset comes from a scientocracy. Science being the study of nature and technology being the setting of boundaries of nature. The aliens have developed tools to study all forms of nature but they do not regard any of their developments to be technology as mankind would. To them it's all perfectly natural, which is why they have such complete mastery over it all. They feel that most of the technology on earth today is beneath them, simplistic structures that are lucky to be able to do the job they have been designed to do. This is why the Technocracy refuses to believe in them and those Void Engineers who do encounter them believe that they are merely more powerful chantries, magicians from beyond whose very experiments and reality deviancy has resulted in their altered forms. The fact that they themselves have created LERMU's that bear an unwitting resemblance to the actual Grays makes for an interesting study (especially as the Grays themselves consider their bodies to be nothing more than physical shells). But it remains that the Void Engineers study via Umbral space, not true space.

Greys are, in effect, the physical embodiment of the universe. The order that comes from the chaos. They do not try to structure their reality and, rather than fight against it, they go with the reality of the situation.

Greys have no concept of using will to make something work. They do believe in the power of the mind, but souls and willpower have never been brought into their mind-set before. These are alien concepts to them, and are likely to be treated as interesting theories, if explained. They are so confident in their science that they will be able to explain it eventually.

However, due to their nature as scientists nothing is impossible, just highly improbable. This means during the course of the game that if they encounter something that would normally scare the wits out of anyone, they react with suitable regard for their own safety but that's about it. Paradox spirits do not affect any Mages around them as paradox can not exist around such open minds. Creatures of the Night are treated as any other people (that is with not much respect) and any attempts to use powers will result in indifference from the Greys as they will come to study and learn all about it in due time.

In closing the best way for me to describe the difference in backgrounds from us and them is to look at the clouds. When we look at clouds we see a myriad of forms and shapes being made out of the lines made as they are pushed through the air by the breeze. Aliens see clouds. Or to put it another way they see moisture condensation in a semi-gaseous form. Never a dragon.

Chapter 4: Rules

"I am the Law"
- Judge Dredd (try not to say it like Stallone did though.)

The Greys do not have willpower or humanity or anything along these lines. Instead they have Belief. This begins at ten points. It represents their core belief that science will explain all. It's the belief that the ship will be back for them or the belief that death is near or that tomorrow the sun will rise again. It can calm them in times of trouble. Again, being alien minds it's up to the GM to consider what qualifies as trouble. Each time one encounters something that can not be explained not matter what, they lose a point of belief. If they should ever be allowed to drop below five they begin doubting themselves. Should it fall below one they doubt everything. This doubt creates pure chaos within the mind of alien and (due to their powerful minds) in their immediate vicinity. It is due to people trying to structure the aliens reality and enforcing their beliefs on it that produces this backlash of chaos against the order set into it. In effect, an alien marauder will have been created, insane and bending reality to it's will with no paradox, no regard and no human ideals of how reality should be. (Play this up as a bad thing to your players. Think Akira.)

Other rules are affected as well. Any mind reading attempts will result in a intelligence/wits roll on 9. Derangements for botched attempts. Illusions do work but as said, it depends on how and when it's used (aliens do not confuse so easily. A "wall" that is not meant to be there, they will see right through, while an illusion of a floating cup will be believed, albeit explained rationally ).

(The following are included as fillers and at request from people who wanted to see some sort of points system in the game. As these have been designed to be NPC's it seems pointless to have dots to decide if they can or they can't, but there is no rationalising with some people. Powers will not be changed however)


Co-Habitation - Subterfuge based. Being able to hide amongst humanity for extended periods of time and to pass for one of them. Used to see if they make the right choice in any day to day activity.


Abduction - Comes off stealth. The ability to bring an alien craft onto the planet and grab someone/mutilate a cow/wear silly antennas on their heads and make "beep beep" noises in front of some poor schmuck who no one is going to believe and leave with out detection. Used to see if they make a wrong move when stealing people.


Cloning - pretty important one to have really. Very few Alphans have it. This comes off medicine and also includes the ability to alter the genetic structure to whatever ends the tester wishes. Used to see the results of any cloning experiment.

As for the rest of it do what suits the feel of you're campaign.

Chapter 5: Characters

"We know how you guys would react to us."
- Explorers

The characters are in themselves unique in that they are aliens. This is the hardest part to get across. Some people feel un-at-ease trying to deal with the concepts of Marauders, Malkavians, the French or any other mind set that is different. Aliens are aliens not just because they know another language or look different. These suckers think completely differently to humans(well a few humans think like them but try to find someone who wants to understand them.)

The Grays

Quote: "Just relax. After this you won't remember anything. *use the urethra-monitor now*"

The Grays are scientists with little regard for their subjects. They only care if they live so that they might be able to follow up on their original findings. They travel in their UFOs and have their psionic abilities that they wield with an almost uncaring ease. The only time they are unable to use these abilities is when they are worried. When in or near their ship nothing can phase them, but away from their ship they are in an almost constant state of panic. When they approach a subject they use their psionics to keep them in place, to call them in, and to wipe their memories afterwards. It is unknown how many people are now walking around after being abducted and only a few remember the event. In fact, the chips that they implant in people are used as a form of transmitter/receiver, making their subjects more susceptible to their influence with out needing to be with in line of sight. In the brief few months since they started on supernatural creatures, none of them have recalled the event yet. The Grays are only interested in the physical form of Humanity and care little for any psychological harm that they might cause. They exist within a hive mind conscience, that means that they react to things in the same way, but they don't learn from the others mistakes. The only reason it appears that they concentrate on humans (and the occasional cow), is that we are so arrogant that the media does not keep record of the animals that have disappeared over the years (especially of animals in contact with humans. the incredible journey, my ass.). No one is sure why. When Grays need to they land at Dreamland or the Arctic and use the military supplies that are offered in exchange for talking to the scientists for a bit and letting them look at the ship. Grays have been said to generate a kind of sulphuric, rotting smell about them (unintentionally of course). This is meant to be a by-product of their eating habits, a kind of pre-digested solution that they absorb through their skins.

Philosophy: The dominant lifeforms of this planet have always been interesting study fodder. They react so interestingly to our tests. And now we have these new specimens to study. They seem much more resilient to harm in some ways and even more susceptible to others. We've had to refine some of our data collection techniques, but the beginning results are favourable. Even better yet is the fact their foolish leaders continue to help us.

Organisation: The Grays have hive mind attitude when on board their ships or on their homeworld. They all act accordingly unless removed from the others line of sight outside of the ship, in which case they are so panicked that the hive mind cannot contact them. They appear as small bodied figures, with large domed heads, small black eyes, and barely any ears, nostrils, or lips. Under them they have the Hybrids. These are the genetic experiments of the Grays, transplanting their own DNA into other lifeforms, creating an entire menagerie that are used for menial work, and investigations. Here on Earth they favour the hominid-hybrids, humans that are almost imperceivably different, but they still have other Hybrids from other worlds. The hominid-Hybrids of the Grays are exactly similar in appearance to the Zeta Reticulans with the exception that they just don't look quiet human. This is due to their shape-shifting abilities. They can take on any appearance (although they appear to prefer the male), but this means that they have to set the appearance in their own mind. Having never been a real human, they make small mistakes that result in them looking just that bit unusual. They are used as liaisons within governments structures, as colonists for the future of mankind/Gray activity and as bait, attracting others to secluded locations to be picked up and tested on. As with the Zeta Reticulans they are impossible to kill without a special alloy and this only occurs if one of the hybrids has gone rogue. Due to their being half human hybrids do not have a strong Belief.

Psionics: Command, Erase, Communicate, Blast (not for Hybrids).

On the Others:
Creatures of the Night:
Fascinating. Each time we grab one it seems different from the others. The data is more incredible each time. WE NEED MORE SAMPLES!
Zeta Reticulans: It would be interesting to see what one looked like after we finished testing it.... that's the problem with trying to look like humanity see?
Alphans: Don't try to capture for study. We see enough of their handiwork in the samples now.

Zeta Reticulans

Quote: "Sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you, but... ah... can I talk to you in private about a matter of universe shattering importance?"

The Zeta Reticulans are more sociologists than scientists. They dislike the Grays abduction techniques, preferring to watch Humanity evolve at its own pace. They feel that any outside interference renders the result of the study inconclusive. They keep small scientific colonies together manned as outposts, where they combine their data and research, keeping a track on the developments that we make. They use DNA from Grays ships that they have captured in space to restructure their bodies to resemble humans (with out the shapeshifting abilities of the Hybrids) but because of their limited stock they tend to create 6-7 of the same bodies for each team. They are only kept on Earth for a brief period of time to ensure that no scientists become to attached to their studies. There was one case of a Reticulan, whose job was to study the media, who refused to leave as he wanted to know what was going to happen next on "Days of our Lives." Despite the similar features of the teams, they are all separate minds each with their own feelings, ideals, and interests. The Reticulans fear for the safety of earth as they enjoy studying it too much. They know that if the Alphans arrive then they'll sell out every last human and even if they don't that there are others out there who will do much, much worse. In fact there is another group of aliens who are never regarded as a "race" by any of the greys. Alien machines that travel from world to world that have evolved themselves to survive off the pain they create from devastating the local population and to use the resources of each planet to build more of their kind and make repairs. These entities have never given forward a name and so have never been given one. The Zeta Reticulans have seen many cultures destroyed by these devices, cultures they can never study again.

Philosophy: Research of these people is incredible. Despite such clear and present dangers that are present daily they continue to pollute the world, and turn their eyes away from each others social crimes. They are quickly digging their own grave, and even then some of them appear to be beyond that. It will be interesting to document this fall of a civilisation and the birth of the one to follow.

Organisation: The outposts on Earth are organised with each Reticulan having their own branch of human culture to study. One of the Reticulans is the commander of the mission, but that is only for the purpose of organising the others reports and acting as the instigator of discussions about any crises that may occur. After the mission, the commander must report to Zeta Reticula with all results. When on Earth they tend to make their residence in old warehouses or anywhere that people don't ask questions and the rent is cheap.

Psionics: Distraction, Erase, Communicate.

On the Others:
Creatures of the Night:
Intriguing. Study, but do not approach.
Grays: Butchers in the name of science. Their studies and impact on the Earth has so jeopardised this world that it's almost not worth being here. But these humans are so cute.
Alphans: Oh they aren't here. They're too busy controlling major worlds to worry about a little backwater planet like this one. But if they were. we must remind ourselves that we are just here to study.

The Alphans

Quote: "We are already in control of you. You just don't realise it yet."

Alphans are the most mysterious of the Greys because of their insistence to blatantly manipulate things from within human society. Their actions have placed them in contention with many of the Illuminati power bases and have even upset the Technomancy to some degree, which they wrote off as interference from the Traditions. The Alphans have been experimenting with adapting Earth devices to suit their needs, carrying subliminal messages through televisions, and creating the real fnords in the World of Darkness. Their power base increases daily, including under the guise of subordinate organisations working within other Illuminati controlled companies. A few of them even work for the Ventrue, even though they have no idea about the Creatures of the Night. Alphans have an extra little surprise built into them. They have two devices in their head, one to block the memory of their homeworld, one to act as a suicide capsule if they are detected and have no escape. Once the suicide capsule is activated it is only a short matter of time before the incendiary device in their chest cavity explodes. All these devices are meant to be tamper proof, but I'm sure the players will try to find a way to get around them. Alphans do not fear death. They are pacifists, who prefer making others do their killing for them. In the Steve Jackson "GURPS Illuminati" the Alphans are staunch vegetarians, revolted at the sight of one creature consuming another. You may want to change this to give them an even more distasteful flavour. They also have very long life-spans, averaging out at 500 years each. They've only been here since the late forties, however. They also have workers of sorts but they are completely mindless insectoid-like creatures that tend to spend their time beneath the surface of the earth burrowing around, collecting what resources they can and starting earth tremors on command when it is at a financially suitable time..

Philosophy: The conquest of this world will be soon. These people have no idea what they are selling themselves out to and those that do are too greedy to care. This world will be ours with out an arm raised against us.

Organisation: The Alphans have no need for a command structure here on Earth as they are all operating as separate operatives, although they do set up recognition symbols with in the organisations they control in order to let the others know that it has already been "claimed." They have a number of secret bases here on Earth that they use for resupply or to hide out in. Other than that they tend to lead the good life in expensive hotels, constantly on the move.

Psionics: Distraction, Command, Deal.

On the Others:
Creatures of the Night:
Such a superstitious planet. We can use this to our advantage, of course, by making them think that they are out there and only we can help.
Grays: Annoying gnats flying around in their ships scaring the cattle. And then there's what they do to the cows.
Zeta Reticulans: Spineless researchers who can see the potential but would rather study it than harness it.

Chapter 6: Psionics

"Prepare to die, Earthscum. Prepare to die, Earthscum. I'm gonna make sure that's carved on your grave."
- Spaced Invaders.

(no dot power bases here.... they just have the damn things o.k. they are individual powers that have no ranking in experience. these are alien minds you're dealing with here.)

Blast: When proving a point the Grays can use this to make peoples heads not want to be in one piece on their bodies any longer. They only use this when together, and when in an environment where they are comfortable in. Normally used on DIA and scientists when they get a bit cocky. Line of sight. No save.

Command: The ability to make hominids do what they are told. The first time it is used on someone they are caught by it but the second time they are on difficulty of 9 in willpower to refuse the command. From then on every time they succeed the number is reduced by one, until it reaches a difficulty of 4. Only one creature can be controlled by Command per time, which is why the Grays normally move in threes. The Hybrids have this but it works in a different way. With them it's more of a siren call, making the subjects feel relaxed and at ease and that absolutely nothing is out of place or circumspect, as they lead them up the ramp.

Communicate: This allows thoughts to flow towards any creature in the area that the user wishes to "hear" what it is saying. It is not an attack so there is no save against receiving the message. It has a range of 3 miles.(well, it does for the Grays. The Zeta Reticulans and the Hybrids only have it at line of sight for others with the ability.)

Deal: A subtle power used by the Alphans in order to convince people that no matter what, they are getting the best part of the deal. A subterfuge + wits roll, difficulty of 8.

Distraction: This is used by Greys to make people look the other way, for whatever reason. A psychic oldest trick in the book. Difficulty 7 on Perception.

Erase: Mind wipe. Very effective unless something induces the memory to re-trigger, from hypnosis to bright flashing lights. Only full treatments of hypno-therapy or some kind of post-cognitive power can reveal the exact nature of what happened.

When making the aliens on a sheet to use, just remember that most of the backgrounds, knowledges and traits are pretty much obsolete. The main areas are science, research, medicine (of sorts) and investigation. Resources should be used but there are barely any that the Zeta Reticulans have and too many that the Alphans have. The Grays never need money. Allies is something that the Grays and Alphans have but not the Zeta Reticulans. These guys are NPCs so set them up as you will.

Chapter 7: Alien Technology

"Instant Martians. Just add water." - Marvin.

There are several technological secrets that the Greys have that several parties on earth would be extremely interested in.


The Void Engineers would love to be able to master this in order to help further the cause of science by taking the Technomancy to the stars and beyond. The Military wouldn't mind it for pretty similar reason. The powersources of each races ships are completely different.

The Grays favour magnetic pulse engines that allow them to travel at great speed, making turns with out any need for slowing. The Zeta Reticulans prefer to use anti-gravity engines when in the atmosphere and use lightspeed jump engines when travelling through space. Only a few Alphans arrive on planet in vessels similar to the Zeta Reticulans, but once they settle in they are quick to set up Hyperspace Teleport/Jump stations, through which they receive their supplies, reserves, and extra equipment, as well as sending reports, personally. Of these the Military are particularly interested in so that they can teleport bombs at their enemies. Some Alphans also carry small wrist devices that "look" like watches that act as recall devices. If they are captured, they merely twist the dial and they are transported back to the nearest way station. (These are not similar to Void Engineer technology as they bend space rather than open doorways to other space.)


As stated the Greys never carry anything that can harm another creature. The Grays themselves use their mental abilities, but their ships have been shown to contain some powerful emissions that may or may not be a result of boosting their own abilities. The two that rays that are used are both blue in colour but vastly different in results. The Grays tractor beam is capable of halting a fighter jet in flight and dismantling it while it is still in the air, and their weapon ray blasts almost anything within a half a kilometre range to ashes but is only used if they feel they have no other alternative. Some ships have also been known to be able to project implant chips from a great distance away. The Zeta Reticulans are too careful to introduce such alien technology, and the Alphans are too pacifistic. However, it does not take too much simple Earth ingenuity to see the damage effect of some of the devices that the aliens carry.


The Grays keep their apparatus on their ships at all times. These tend to be a range of probes (how anime you want to make it I leave to you) and devices for studying the body, collecting gene samples, impregnating, and anything else you think they might be looking for. These arms could be used for self defence purposes if it comes down to that. The Grays use a sheet of almost living tissue/webbing that they drape over the bodies of their specimens, that "seals" them to the slab. It opens at the touch of the Grays, but never loses any strength regardless of how thinly it is separated.

The Zeta Reticulans are more than protective of bringing anything to Earth that might be discovered. The reason behind this is that anything they bring of an obviously alien nature will reveal them or, even more disastrously, be studied and used by the populace, making them responsible for a major change in Earths development. What they do bring is kept in their dwellings. These include their food machines (nasty stuff, any Earther who eats it will declare it bland and will succumb to muscle spasms a full hour after consumption, for as many minutes as grams they ate), monitors (designed to let them know of disturbances of a genetic or technological nature that might be the result of other Greys or natural human development) and a contact device that calls the mother ship in case of an emergency.

Alphans like to carry little things about their person of a higher tech level because it pleases their arrogance to do so. These tend to be little amusements or games (holographic logic puzzles, etc). At their bases they keep their subliminal technology where they monitor and study the world in general as well as maintain laboratories where they "downgrade" their technology for human consumption. Microwave ovens are a result of the Alphans. They also maintain warehouses where they store mass produced items that haven't been announced to the public yet.

What they don't have

Despite the huge technological leaps that the Greys have over us it is clear that they still don't have some things we've developed. While the chips in the back of necks might be incredibly small, no Greys yet have the ability to create Nanotechnology (they don't see the need for robots to fix them internally when they either live or die). This may be one of the few areas where the Technomages are capable of defeating them. (Or is it that they have had nanotech but have decided against it? or they never created the concept of nanotech, aliens that they are. Or possibly they fear the possibility of replicating the ways of the death machines.)

Chapter 8: The World of Darkness

"What the world needs is one great big melting pot."
- Trashy 70's talk.

"If I see one more gypsy that was made into a vampire before his awakening, and then found out he was garou just before dying and becoming a wraith but the ritual of passing was not performed properly so he became a mummy, I'm gonna hurt somebody."
- Sensible gamers everywhere.

There are many people who are aware of the Greys presence on Earth in the game but they tend to be regarded as a lunatic fringe. These people have their own reasons for following up sightings, even though they might help start organisations for the purpose or use resources that they can access through other means. There are World of Darkness stats for The X-Files elsewhere on the internet so you can use them if you want. Here are some other areas they might cross.

PARTNET- Internet/BBS talking point for all matters of a denied nature. Print out some posts to alt.alien.visitors for your players to sort through with some relevant points here and there. If they ask to be able to post anything onto PARTNET, especially if it is involving any terms that the GRUDJESTIC people would pick up on then they receive a visit.

KUFON- The Knowledge of Unidentified Flying Objects Network. The unofficial body to report sightings to and to seek assistance from. Some members are plants (no pot jokes, thank you) and some others are genuinely helpful. Who knows. Some of them may even be hybrids.

IASA - The International Aeronautic Space Authority (Void Engineers). Amendment 1211 to the American Constitution on extraterrestrial exposure states that any person who has contact with a "celestial body" can be jailed for a year and/or fined $5000 by IASA's say so for quarantine reasons. (Just like it says NASA in our world really. Look it up.)

GRUDJESTIC-12 - Military operation to feed disinformation to the public and to monitor/remove trouble makers. Men in black without the NWO poking their noses into it. The forces do not want the Powers That Be knowing their part in this cover-up and are part of the reason that some people receive visits from two sets of M.I.B.s.

The Creatures of the Night have their say.......


"Life in space? You can hardly find life here on this mudball."
Franc Shurez, Toreodor.

"Lights in the Sky? Little green men? What better way to make people run and leave their stuff behind."
Porthard, Ravnos.

"you see it all happened on the same night as orson welles broadcast 'war of the worlds.' it was the perfect cover for them. in all the ensuing panic people were looking for the missing not the new arrivals."
the fiend, Malkavian.

"If you're trying to tell me there are others out there in the shadows, think again. I control the shadows. I know what's in them."
Mariette Swansbourne, Lasombra.


"The elders have told us tales throughout the ages of the lights that have come from beyond to harm us. Any fool can tell you they are of the umbra not from some other star."
Wildmorning, Red Talon

"Let me tell you, I've been out in those fields when I've seen some strange things float about and land. The next day it's just a burnt patch and the stench makes anything from the Umbra seem down right tasty."
Toothdragger, Get of Fenris

"You know that feeling that we're being watched? That nasty feeling that makes your hair stand on end? Let me tell you about this weird thing i saw out by Area 51 last night."
Footgnaw, Raggabash

"You see some damn interesting things here in the city. Just the other day there was these triplets, and they was acting real freaky......"
Anorak, Glasswalker


"Along the path we travel there are many things both known and unknown. Seek what is known and the unknown becomes clear."
Mehau Foi, Akashic Brother.

"Of course they don't exist. But I'll tell you this much. The next time one of ours goes to the stake to be burnt it will be for having indecent dealings with an ET rather than a devil."
Katrina De Ardour, Order of Hermes.

"The thing is, man, that the whole thing is just a bad karma trip, like one of Jungs mass hallucinations..... and I wanna get me some of the stuff they've been using."
Jimmy Headtrix, Cultist of Ecstasy.

"Anybody who watches the Chaos flow of information can see that these fellas are around and about. The thing that you need to be able to do is figure out which way the Chaos flow is going to take them."
S/lacker, Virtual Adept.


"I was just driving along and the next thing I knew I was in this light. No, not that sort of light you schmuck. All these things came out and started poking me and before I knew it I had burst into flames. Now I'm here. There's no justice in this universe."
Samuel Franklin, Haunter.

"UFOs? Man, some people really lose it when they come into here. Still I suppose belief in anything beats this place. Mind you, if I ever ran into one of those guys, I'd follow him back to his ship.... Now that would be fun."
Gian Xio, Alchemist.

"I got to close to the truth, so they had me killed. I was just reading the newspaper and everything they had done was so obvious to me... I showed it to others but they couldn't see it and the next thing I knew, these guys appear out of nowhere, keep me in darkness for I don't know how long and then shot me in the head. But I'll get those alien S.O.B.s yet....."
Phillip Jones, Monitor.

"I've journeyed into the minds of the living and I have seen nothing other then their dreams. Occasionally the younger ones dream of celestial beings, while others dream of lands of candy. If you believed everything you encountered there you'd be a worry to everyone."
Loretta Nosram, Sandman


"Yeah I've seen those guys. They're just so cute with their little heads and beady eyes. They have really cool games in their ships too, and candy floss, and soda, and......"
Moonbeam, Pooka.

"You try to lend someone a hand and look what it gets you. The guy had thrown his filofax out of his car, so I pick it up and eat it. He suddenly appears demanding the damn thing back. For some reason I get the urge to give it back to him, and he goes off picking it off of his shoes. Strange thing was that as he walked off his hair nearly fell off. I laughed so much, I nearly split my mouth..... Wanna see?"
Skullgrippa, Redcap.

"This is a time when Arcadia was not only home to the Fae. They walk amongst us and we amongst them, but the glamour keeps us apart."
Ivorystone, Sei.

"Aliens? Flying Saucers? It's incredible what kids minds come up with nowadays. I remember when a good old fashioned game of kick-the-can was enough to get you through the afternoon."
Naphsid, Troll.

and Others.....

"They no more exist then the Fae that our brethren believed in when they walked with us. With time comes knowledge and in all my time I've never known anything about these things than what the occasional movie shows."
Gruen Markwald.

"They came a long time ago and showed us how to build the pyramids. Of course, at the time, we had nothing to compare them to so the others worshiped them as gods instead of us. Even we fell to our knees for a time. Now, we know better."

"Lights we have seen in the sky at night throughout our history. They are nothing more than omens. Bad omens for us. Before long people will be coming to get us for one of theirs is missing and they still fear us."
Giuselle Markov.

Church Knights:
"People claim to have seen angels from the heavens but more likely they have been duped by the unholy that walk the ground at night. Soon we will be their salvation."
Captain Kevin Shicklegruber, Tuetonic Knight.

"Oh, we know these guys allright. If that little guy tries to collect one of us again, he's gonna cop a major dose of the kyOOts. Alien toes sure do taste funny though, doc."
B. Bunny.

Anybody else you wanna include: go for it.

Some other stuff: The Demise Of Samuel

It was just one of those things. One of the Alphans owns a video store in Reno that had been doing badly because of a gang that had been hanging out in that area. He let it be known that he wanted the gang out of there and anyone who could claim responsibility would be well rewarded.

One of his company directors talked to a "good friend" in the area who brought the gang to the attention of a friend. This friend was a Ventrue by the name of Artemis. He knew that the Tremere had been "helping" this gang thanks to some information that a Nosferatu let slip thinking it was a great joke, as it had fuelled the Brujah to defend some of their turf and this lead to fights outside the video stores.

Artemis contacted a friend Mage about the problem with the Tremere. This Mage could not think of a way to get around the gang quickly enough without having to resort to vulgar magic and so he approached Artemis for further information.

It was at this time that the gang war had affected some of his holdings and Artemis was eager to take care of things. Artemis sent a false message to the Tremere primogen of Phoenix, asking for aid and offering a treaty. The primogen sent Samuel to talk for him.

Artemis told the Mage, who in the meantime had contacted a friend in the military to set up some kind "accident" involving a lot of fire to occur, even giving him a description of the car, but not mentioning the fact that it was a vampire. The military man, realising the undue attention this would cause but wanting to get a boon from the Mage to organise some more Iteration X tech agreed, and promptly told the Grays of a vehicle that would be passing through a certain area, at a certain time and that did not have to be returned.

The Grays where looking for some more workers for one of their moonbases at the time and gleefully went to pick Samuel up. The end result was that the deal was considered broken by the Phoenix Tremeres who declared a feud with the Reno Tremeres until they where told what had happened. While they were arguing they couldn't concentrate on protecting the gang for a bit who were promptly wiped out by the Brujah and the video sales went back to normal.

The company director took credit and was rewarded by being shown one of the bases that the Alphan maintained and being pushed into the transporter, to be sent to the Alphan homeworld where he is still on display at their local zoo. See how simple it is?

Oh yes and the moonbase thing. That is why they are careful when around the Fae. Arcadia is in a sense the umbra of the moon, therefore due to some kinda psychic connection they all treat the fae like one would treat their landlord.... they'd like to but then they'd get evicted.

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.....ah, just go to your video store and go wild.


Reverend Omnicynic - for debating that whole metaphysical side of it with me. I still disagree. :)
L&S - for giving me those books. i have yet to kill you for that.
The writers of the Void Engineers convention book - if nothing else one of the better written guides to a viewpoint on the world of darkness. read this book. hell, buy it even.
Stephen Esdale ( for Illuminati: the Conspiracy for me to work off.
J&B - for hot chocolate, sugar rushes, cottontails and the book joke. Yes I still dont believe I didnt think of it.
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