"Have I ever told you about Twinkies man.... Do you know how they make those things? They don't cook them.... They just pour them into a mould and let them set. How can you eat anything like that?"
- Popular urban myth.

In the World of Darkness/Gothic-Punk Milieu stage, Greys have been around throughout the dawn of time, doing what they do. And what they do is try and direct humanity in the direction they want us to go. There have been recorded sightings of their activity from all over the globe from many different cultures. They have been taking time to study cultures, study genetic strains, and studying our behaviour, when they aren't influencing it that is....

(Editor's Note: Throughout this document, the term "Grey" is used for all Alien Races in general. "Gray" refers to one race in particular....)

Of the three main types of Greys there are the Grays themselves. These are the ones that receive the blame for missing persons and cattle mutilations. Next, are the Zeta Reticulans, who are unsure of mankind from the start due to the others manipulation of our past and are trying to learn about us so they can manipulate us back. Finally, there are the Alphans, who hide amongst mankind to control us. It is the Alphans who have made themselves known to the Illuminatus of the World of Darkness and have earned the name "Enigmatic Stratagem." (They have never taken credit for the actions of the others, the rest of the societies just assume it was them.)

The Grays

The Grays are well documented in their activities through out the world but very little is known about why they are able to operate. In the past, before we had the technology to detect them they came and went as they pleased, but as we discovered flight and nuclear energy, they made themselves known to the Government that had pioneered both. In a pact with the President of the United States, that was organised through the Defence Intelligence Agency, the Grays were given the right to follow and capture "specimens" for testing, on the proviso that they were to be returned back to the Government . The Government made its medical records known to the Grays who used this to track down those of the same genetics as the ones they began testing on all those years ago.

The Grays thought they had the best part of the deal until they had their first accident.

In Roswell, New Mexico, a Gray ship with a crew of three encountered difficulty navigating the Earth's magnetic field due to the nuclear testing that had been going on nearby. The ship crashed and was later discovered by US airmen. Only one Gray had survived the crash and it was interviewed by many different members of the DIA. The end result of this crash was the Defence realised that the Grays were not infallible, at which point they created the GRUDJESTIC-12 and brought in the other governments. They created a set of guidelines to be used by all parties should a craft crash land (E.B.E.). This involved the removal, study and testing of the vessel, and the same for any surviving crew, with the extra addition of eradicating the aliens afterwards. Understandably the Grays were annoyed at this decision, especially as the survivor of Roswell was kept alive for many years and never returned to them, before dying of what could only be assumed by scientists as "natural causes." The GRUDJESTIC-12 explained that it was something that would never worry the Grays so long as they didn't crash. The Grays, feeling their advantage slip slightly, shut up.

Since that time the Grays have been swapping data with the government on a regular basis, setting up shop within the DIA itself. Only a few of the military minds of the world are aware of the deal made with the Grays, and they aren't telling anyone. Even the Technocracy think that UFO sightings are a result of experimentation by the Sons of Ether or their own that they haven't been told about. A few Progenitors trade Iteration X weaponry for the genetic samples that the military provide them with, but they have no idea where the samples came from originally. Slowly they are teaching our scientists how to perfect their technology but is it that we are slow to learn or that they are dragging it out for as long as possible? (There are also rumours of contact between the Grays and the Void Engineer riddled secret society of the Order of Thule, one of the Blood Covenant offshoots, since the early thirties, helping them create their hollow earth bases at the North pole. Nowadays, they are considered complete wackos and avoided by everybody. That, however, doesn't stop the fact that the Nazis have flying saucers.) It is a known fact that the Grays fear our nuclear capabilities, but their technology is still fearsome enough to question going to war with them and we have little idea of how many of them are above us right now. Another point of interest is the link between lapin sightings and alien abductions. It could be that normal rabbits are attracted to the lights, but one can not help being suspicious about such dealings.

Recently there have been more than your usual number of creatures of the night wandering around in the background and at the forefront of this stage. It was only a matter of time before one was picked up. Samuel Franklin was the first vampire to be abducted by the Grays. After a slightly less then disastrous examination they redoubled their efforts, in order to find another sample. During the course of this they also managed to pick up a half a dozen Garou, a few Mages (who refer to the crew as Ka Luon), made contact with a few Wraiths (who in turn re-introduced them to some old friends from Egyptian days) but have yet to encounter a Changeling, although there are some reports that may indicate otherwise.

Zeta Reticulans

The Zeta Reticulans are scientists. They are here to study this world and what the Grays have done though out the ages to alter us. They have taken a greater interest in our planet as we are heading towards a common one world ideal. The Reticulans keep very much to their cliques here on Earth and they are only allowed to stay for several months at a time. Because of their own desire not to interact with humans as such, they have never taken samples, but instead "raid" the stocks of the Grays, from which they take the data needed to form their bodies while here on Earth. It is because of this fact that the cliques tend to look like groupings of septuplets. The twin thing is evened out by having at least two different looking groups present at each clique. Due to the nature of their disguise, anything that rips open the skin releases the green ambiotic fluid and a noxious gas that swells the eyelids, forces regurgitation, and induces a short period of unconsciousness. Most normal damage seems to have no effect on them, begin able to regenerate over time. Removing a limb would have some kind of effect but the resultant gas release would result in their being able to get away or at least to make sure the body isn't there by the time the others awaken (and the limb would grow back before 24 hours had passed). Death only comes when a special alloy, alien to earth, is used to make a puncture at the base of the neck (supposedly a sword would do the same thing but who knows with these alien guys), that results in the body breaking down completely within a matter of minutes.

They try to avoid contact with Humanity as a rule, and they noticed the Creatures of the Night long before the Grays first picked up Samuel, but as the Grays have started taking a special interest in them, the Reticulans have found themselves caught in a quandary of whether to warn those who think the night makes them invincible or not (plus as scientists it's an invaluable chance to study such a rare lifeform close up.). At any one time there are no more then 42 Reticulans on Earth.

The Alphans

The Alphans are not as good at disguising themselves as the Reticulans but they have no such fears about interacting with Humanity. It is the Alphans who have moved into the business sector while the Grays deal with the Governments. By offering secrets about other companies and by selling off some of their technology they have made themselves one of the main influential parties interested in running the Earth. In fact, through the guise of big business they are as successful at manipulating the Government as the Grays. Some circles even have taken to calling them the "Space Bankers." One of the other areas that the Alphans have taken full advantage of with human nature is the "New Age" movement, creating a multitude of religions that claim to be in contact with "celestial beings" offering (once again) secrets in exchange for $200 a meeting.

Alphans are hairless reptilian lifeforms that use very basic disguises to move through humanity. A wig, suit, powder base, and sunglasses to hide their eyes and they can catch a bus as unnoticed as the rest of the herd of humanity. They have seen the advertisements that are placed for contact lenses and have tried sclerical lenses but few feel comfortable wearing them all the time, preferring the sunglasses. Alphans are unusual amongst the Greys by preferring to move about by themselves, in order to avoid having the entire show given away if one gets captured. There are currently about 68 Alphans covering the entire globe, but when they feel they have purchased the majority of the planet, then the main force will arrive to claim what they legally "own."

There is one thing that confuses all Greys however. For some unfathomable reason they have never abducted a Gypsy, they have never had dealings with them and they refuse to go near one. This is a factor for the individual GM to work out or ignore.

After reading this you may want to increase upon the foundations set here. Seeing a group of Werewolves try to avoid a Predator, the effect of an alien bursting out of a Vampires chest (and if you paid attention in Alien3, if the result is a vampiric alien.....) as he looks on (hey, it never ruptures the heart just the chest), the Mages response to ID4, The Wraiths made by Xtro, or Changelings meeting a one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater. Do with it as you will. (Although any star trek/star wars parodies are of your own creation and I dis-avow any knowledge... yeesh, Worf as a Brujah indeed.) (and I see that B.J. Zanzibar already has aliens and predators..... ah well. Do something.)

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