"Prepare to die, Earthscum. Prepare to die, Earthscum. I'm gonna make sure that's carved on your grave."
- Spaced Invaders.

(no dot power bases here.... they just have the damn things o.k. they are individual powers that have no ranking in experience. these are alien minds you're dealing with here.)







When making the aliens on a sheet to use, just remember that most of the backgrounds, knowledges and traits are pretty much obsolete. The main areas are science, research, medicine (of sorts) and investigation. Resources should be used but there are barely any that the Zeta Reticulans have and too many that the Alphans have. The Grays never need money. Allies is something that the Grays and Alphans have but not the Zeta Reticulans. These guys are NPCs so set them up as you will.

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