The World of Darkness

"What the world needs is one great big melting pot."
- Trashy 70's talk.

"If I see one more gypsy that was made into a vampire before his awakening, and then found out he was garou just before dying and becoming a wraith but the ritual of passing was not performed properly so he became a mummy, I'm gonna hurt somebody."
- Sensible gamers everywhere.

There are many people who are aware of the Greys presence on Earth in the game but they tend to be regarded as a lunatic fringe. These people have their own reasons for following up sightings, even though they might help start organisations for the purpose or use resources that they can access through other means. There are World of Darkness stats for The X-Files elsewhere on the internet so you can use them if you want. Here are some other areas they might cross.





The Creatures of the Night have their say.......






and Others.....

Anybody else you wanna include: go for it.

Some other stuff: The Demise Of Samuel

It was just one of those things. One of the Alphans owns a video store in Reno that had been doing badly because of a gang that had been hanging out in that area. He let it be known that he wanted the gang out of there and anyone who could claim responsibility would be well rewarded.

One of his company directors talked to a "good friend" in the area who brought the gang to the attention of a friend. This friend was a Ventrue by the name of Artemis. He knew that the Tremere had been "helping" this gang thanks to some information that a Nosferatu let slip thinking it was a great joke, as it had fuelled the Brujah to defend some of their turf and this lead to fights outside the video stores.

Artemis contacted a friend Mage about the problem with the Tremere. This Mage could not think of a way to get around the gang quickly enough without having to resort to vulgar magic and so he approached Artemis for further information.

It was at this time that the gang war had affected some of his holdings and Artemis was eager to take care of things. Artemis sent a false message to the Tremere primogen of Phoenix, asking for aid and offering a treaty. The primogen sent Samuel to talk for him.

Artemis told the Mage, who in the meantime had contacted a friend in the military to set up some kind "accident" involving a lot of fire to occur, even giving him a description of the car, but not mentioning the fact that it was a vampire. The military man, realising the undue attention this would cause but wanting to get a boon from the Mage to organise some more Iteration X tech agreed, and promptly told the Grays of a vehicle that would be passing through a certain area, at a certain time and that did not have to be returned.

The Grays where looking for some more workers for one of their moonbases at the time and gleefully went to pick Samuel up. The end result was that the deal was considered broken by the Phoenix Tremeres who declared a feud with the Reno Tremeres until they where told what had happened. While they were arguing they couldn't concentrate on protecting the gang for a bit who were promptly wiped out by the Brujah and the video sales went back to normal.

The company director took credit and was rewarded by being shown one of the bases that the Alphan maintained and being pushed into the transporter, to be sent to the Alphan homeworld where he is still on display at their local zoo. See how simple it is?

Oh yes and the moonbase thing. That is why they are careful when around the Fae. Arcadia is in a sense the umbra of the moon, therefore due to some kinda psychic connection they all treat the fae like one would treat their landlord.... they'd like to but then they'd get evicted.

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