Reverend Omnicynic - for debating that whole metaphysical side of it with me. I still disagree. :)
L&S - for giving me those books. i have yet to kill you for that.
The writers of the Void Engineers convention book - if nothing else one of the better written guides to a viewpoint on the world of darkness. read this book. hell, buy it even.
Stephen Esdale (sesdale@flemingc.on.ca) for Illuminati: the Conspiracy for me to work off.
J&B - for hot chocolate, sugar rushes, cottontails and the book joke. Yes I still dont believe I didnt think of it.
Erehwon - for having version 1.0 on the malkavian web page already.....
to anybody who created anything i mentioned in the above - thanks heaps and full copyright where due.

*well that's it. enjoy it while you can and send any thing you want to say about it to me here: turner23@thehub.com.au or even come in to see me and we can talk about it over a cup of coffee*

the fiend version 2 completed.

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