I Could Have Talked All Night

IRC is probably one of the most popular features of the internet. By hopping onto a known carrier of IRC you can go on to talk to people from around the world (or just across the table from you) about anything and nothing at once. But there are a few things you need to do first. If you are here at The Hub Cafe, we have the windows based IRC programme ircle, that you can find in the launcher window. By clicking on this you will get some windows that appear on the screen. Now, click on "File" and move down the panel to "Preferences" and move over to "Start up." From here you can give yourself a nickname. This is the name that the other chatterers will call you by and signal you by. Click the mouse in the box provided, remove the old name and type in a new one.

The importance of choosing a good nickname is so that it is easily recognisable, that it says something about yourself and that it's a name you feel comfortable with.

Now you have to decide where you want to talk. IRC's are run by service providers that make the space available. Quite a few are linked up to other servers around the world. This means that people can link in to a local server and still be able to talk to people around the world. The server that Ircle will most likly be set to is the AU.undernet.org. This was the local connection to the undernet around the world but due to a faulty connection they have disconnected themselves from the rest. The AU.undernet is still working and can allow you to chat with people around Australia and the ocassional "tourist" who links in from their home country. If you want to choose a server where you will definitly be talking to people from other countries, click on the bar provided and choose one of the other server from the list. Press the "Enter" key when done.

Now go back up to "File" and click on "Open Conection." Once the connection is made, you're ready to go. A whole screen full of information should scroll up past you. These are the terms and conditions of use for this particular IRC server. So there you are..... but where are the people to talk to? Well now you have to pick a chat channel. In order to find out what channels are available you normally type "/list" but this can take ten minutes to present itself on some servers. Hub Cmmunications has a list of the more popular chat channels(the ones with more than three people in there at the time of veiwing) available for AU.undernet.org, the other undernet.org's and the dal.net.

Once you choose the channel you wish to go to chat in, type "/join #channel name" and you should get another window that will start to have messages appearing in it. These are the people chatting with each other. You can join in just by typing something and pressing enter. Start chatting and make some new friends......

Some other commands that you might want to know.....

"/msg nickname" This allows you to send a private message that only this person can read.
"/nick new nickname" If you have to change your name or if you want to, this is the command to do it.
"/me state action" Creates a mental illusion that you are performing an action.

Most other commands can be done using the buttons and click commands that the programmes make available to you. If you are having problems ask the staff or someone on the channel for some advice.

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