A Request was made......
Subject:         Re: Bob Dobalina
   Date:         Sat, 22 Jun 1996 02:23:27 +1000 (EST)
     To:         Ronald Shiflet 

> Dear Turner,

the fiend actually.....

> Please tell me anything you can about Bob Dobalina.  
> Best regards,
> rks

bob dobalina... what isn't there to talk about....

the song denounces all that is money making in the world, in particular 
one person called mr bob dobalina, a thinly vieled refrence to bob dobbs 
of the church of the sub genious fame who makes regular appearences in 
ren and stimpy. take into account such lyrics as "you want to be down 
with my crew" del the funky homosapien is showing his colours as either 
        A) a discordian - as the COTS-G began as a money making 
                offshoot of this noble chaotic clan.
        B) a illuminati agent - as the church claims to be working 
                against them but have many similar goals.

basicly mr bob dobalina is the average working joe. someone who wants to 
be more, but caught in the ratrace of money making deals, becomes a gray 
soul devoid of any real shining moments. a cautionary tale for those who 
want to enter the business world.(or the civil service as a lifetime job)

the fiend
any thing else you want to know?

And then came......

Subject:         Re: Ronald Shiflet: Re: Bob Dobalina
   Date:         Mon, 24 Jun 1996 16:52:17 +0100
   From:         Jean-Alain Le Borgne 

Search engines can't find dobolina or mistadobalina when asked for
dobalina, or rap lyrics are not indexed, or what?

The rap song is by Del Tha Funkee Homosapien (as said in the fiend's
message) and its title is "Mistadobalina".  The lyrics:


[Chorus: "Mistadobalina, Mr. Bob Dobalina. . .]

Mistadobalina, Mistabobdobalina, Mistabobdobalina,
won't you quit
you really make me sick with ya fraudulent behavior
you're gonna make me flip and then an army couldn't save ya
why don't you behave ya little rugrat
take a little tip from the tabloid
because I know I'm not paranoid
when I say I saw ya tryin' to mock me
now you and your crew are on a mission tryin' to hawk me
but it isn't happenin' ya fraudulent foes
you used to front big time now I suppose
that everything's cool since the style of apparel you adopted
you used to make fun of but now you wanna rock it
so you gotta kick it with the homies
but D-E-L is already hip to your cronies
me and CM-PX thought about this and never have we seen a
brother who could look like Mista, Mista, Mistadobalina...


Ooooo, ooooo, mistadobalina
you thought ya could manipulate
you thought you could fool me
Ooooo, ooooo, mistadobalina
?_____? put me on a stump and then he schooled me
friends can be fraudulent
just you wait and see
first he was my moneygrip
then he stole my honeydip
mistadobalina is a serpent
don't you agree
the little two-tima
resembles Aunt Jemima
with jeans and a dirty white hoodie
seems like he wouldn't be a snake
or would he
disguises come in all sizes and shapes
notice the facade of the snakes
they all catch the vapes
even though last year they was GQ
took a little time before the D-E-L could see through
the mask
all I had to do was ask ?_____? and Kwame
and my man responded they would bomb a
fraudulent foe with the strength of Hercules
the way ya on my dick must really hurt ya knees
you need to take heed and quit being such a groupie
ever since I did a little show in Guadeloupee
I neva saw a groupie like you
but what is funny is ya wanted to be down with my crew
but D-E-L is not down with any clowns or jesters
so I would suggest
that ya try to impress Uncle Fester
because ya don't impress me
the style of dress is not the key
it's all in the mind and the heart
so you should start
by remembering ya gotta pay a fee

Fortune of the Day:
"We must never forget that if the war in Vietnam is lost... the right of
 free speech will be extinguished throughout the world."
-- Richard Milhouse Nixon, 10/27/65

And on it goes......