team fiend!

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marmett.JPG - 25542 Bytes no, it's not bobby. the weasel is the loudest, most annoying manager in the business today. he's lost most matches for the fiend by leaping into the ring and attacking the opponent, getting a disqualification against his man. often heard screaming "you can't hit mah man! you can't do that!"

the real secret weapon of team fiend, the sex marmot prowls down to ringside, is chained to the fiends corner, and attacks anyone the fiend throws out to ringside where she can reach. also very good for distracting just about anybody.

all art by paul russel.

hey kids! special bonus! if you want to colour in your very own the fiend, the sex marmet or the weasel, you can download the original black and white gifs from here

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