pictures of me.......

an-r-key! what i looked like as a child...... (well kinda...)
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.......... there are those who say i look like silent bob/kevin smith... i don't see it myself....

netside at a club night for vampire players. the cybermalk crept in and beat many a soul with his keyboard....

soapbox time! another night where i was a member of the holy order of the decepticon.... they're more than meets the eye ya know....

winner! the shickening truth. what i look like with out the beard! (i'm the one in the middle) taken when i won a date with the playboy playmate(the blonde(kristen morgan the '92 playmate of the year for australia for those that must know)) and got lots of huggs from her valet(the non blonde that is not in the middle.)

big, isn't he? but the beard is mighty. the beard is strong. the beard will remain for some time to come.
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the following are the result of being awake far too late at night and having access to a scanner.


hairy gitside on

from below

now that's art should be hung somewhere, eh?

more pictures now up....

i did a photo shoot in 2002. choose your favourites. be swayed by the dark side or the light.
be contented else where.