A Quick Look At What Happens In The Wires

The World Wide Web is like most parts of the internet and requires programming commands in order to go from one place to another. The useful part is that these commands have allready been written into the various documents that you'll encounter, and the web browsers (Netscape, Mosaic and others) are designed to be able to recognise these commands, and carry them out when activated. The programming language is called the Hyper-Text Markup Language or HTML for short. This is just a fancy way of saying that if you click on the marked writing (or picture) that it will activate one of the command strings, usually taking you to another page, but it can also start downloading programmes, and new possabilites for lay-out and design on web pages are being made all the time. Infact there is a now another programming language for the web called Java, that enables set programmes to run within the web page.

For some examples of what web programming can create try looking at these pages:

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