Wierd vs Weird : what's the difference?

On the internet you will find a lot of very strange things that will make you think, make you laugh, or make you worry about how much spare time people have on there hands. Some people would call this stuff weird, but it isn't. It is, infact, wierd. The common spelling mistake of most people on the net has finally developed into a meaning of its own. A hybrid word of wired and weird, it refers to anything weird found through an electronic medium. Pronouced WHE-URD, it is something that you will not soon forget. And under that cateorgory come the next few areas of interest.

The Religion of the Wierd....

Discordianism : it's been described as the western equivilent to zen budhism. What it is, is what you can make of it. Rant's and ravings on how the Goddess Eris (Discord in greek) controls the world through chaos and confusion. Only scary when you find it making sense..... (From here you'll run into a lot of wierd stuff. Especially worth the visit is Hyperweird)

One Man's Science......

Anders Mad Scientist Page : With information on how to make an atomic bomb, how the plan to take over the world with an army of robots and some of Dr. Fun's best work at your fingertips, how could this NOT be included in a guide to the wierd.

How to Play with your Food

I've got four for you here.... Insightful guides to torturing consumerable items for your pleasure(and show off on the net after too).

The Wierd Around Us

The News of the Weird : If you don't think that life off the net is that wierd check out here. Senseless acts of wierdness that may have happened just down the road from you.

Laugh? I Nearly......

Yahoo's Humour Listing is guaranteed to keep you on the net for hours. The sites you can find through here range from the crass to the cerebal.(if it makes you laugh it must be cerebal.....)

Ying and Yang

Ranma 1/2 : The adventures of a young boy and girl, who just happen to be the same person. Martial arts and magic springs create one of the funniest, contrived, and wierdest storylines in manga/anime (comic/cartoon) history.

Monkey See.....

Twelve Monkeys is with out a doubt the best wierd movie i have seen this year. And the web site has a walkthrough that just blew me away.

Whadda Ya Mean "Birdhouse In Your Soul"?

They Might Be Giants are a weird band, no arguement. The Web has helped to make them wierd by taking their lyrics and disscussing them to death as illustrated here at TMBG Interpretation Archive . (If you've never heard They Might Be Giants before, give them a try or look up you're favourite band at Yahoo's music guide here.)

In Another Vein....

Vampyres! : The fun-loving, bloodsuckers from beyond have proliferated on the internet where their catch cry is, "It's always night on the net." Wierd? You tell me after you read what they have to say.

In Control of My Destiny?

How can anyone claim to be in control of their own destiny when we have the governments of the world trying to silence what we can say to each other. Look at any recent major newstory and think about how the backlash might have affected you. Who wants the world to turn out this way? There are many, many, many, many, possibilites.(You may have noticed a bunch of blue ribbons when you go from place to place. Click here to find out why. Here in Australia the government decides on it's communication policies for the next century in 1997. Now is the time to worry.)

My Page!!!!(plug plug plug)

Wierd in that there are not that many pages like it. A short story on the perils of too much technology, too fast, filled with links to things that I found of interest the net.(and a damn good read too so i've been told........)

Those Whose Knows

If you just can't get enough of that wierd stuff, try looking at these places for more wonderfully bizarre fare.......

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