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OrchardWall2003.jpg (143169 bytes)ORCHARD WALL (formerly Mosaic) is a duo featuring Theresa Wallner and Sandra Bogerd. We sing a capella, but sometimes with keyboard accompaniment. ORCHARD WALL performs original music and performs regularly at student conventions. Our repertoire covers a variety of styles including popular, electronic, classical, world music and jazz.

OrchardWall.gif (209326 bytes)Photo of ORCHARD WALL with Sandra and Theresa in February 2003 (courtesy Brenden James). Originally formed in 1996 comprising five members, this line-up sung mostly Sandra Bogerd's original compositions with keyboard backing. After disbanding in 1997 Sandra attempted to form another line-up. After the new line-up disbanded several months later, she invited original member Theresa Wallner in 2002 to reform as a duo.

BonaeVoluntatis.jpg (30819 bytes)Live performances and recordings details

Bonae voluntatis released November 2003


If you would like to join ORCHARD WALL, contact us and come to a rehearsal and small audition. The following will be an advantage:

Email Theresa or Sandra

Theresa and Sandra are also members of Opus Collective.

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