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Once again, we've switched ISPs. As of 31st August 2003 the site should no longer be available here, but who knows, it may hang around for quite awhile, so click on the buttons and see what happens.

Meantime, we're building another site at a new location:


Please visit, and bookmark our new address!

Baa! The Jolly Olde Winsome Ridge News (January 2003 edition)
All the local gossip and scandals, and even some true stories!
Moo! Our Latest Pictures (updated January 2003)
Candid photos of the Ridgers in their natural state of disrepair
I choose not to baa The Surprising Contest Page (NEW CONTEST! January 2003)
Read the reviews! Express yourself! Enter the new contest!
Baa! Meet the Family (bad news!)
All our critters, even those who are dead and some we don't like very much
Baa! The Amazing Chicken Page
Exclusive photos of Tony and his amazing homing chickens in action!
Baa! Linda's Cross Stitch Page (updated May 2003)
This link will take you to my Webshots album
Woof! A Long But Poignant History of the Ridge
The unadulterated and wholly incredible story of building Winsome Ridge
Baa! Tales of Gumtree Gully
Gentle, touching stories of rural life, with all its wicked perversions!

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