Tales of
Gumtree Gully

Gentle stories of country folk, and some of their wicked perversions

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What is it about Peter that Audrey can't resist?  Or is the horse her one true love?The Torrid Passion of Audrey
Will Hans be throwing up into the rose bushes forever?  Such is the cost of unrequited lust.The Tragic Tale of Postman Hans
Will Alice's smile never fade? Or will Boswell explode?  Who will be next to wear the extremely tight wedding dress?One Horse Too Many

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Introduction to the Tales ...

Gumtree Gully is a particularly beautiful area of the Hills, where a wide variety of people have come to settle and form a close-knit community.

Tthe substance of life in this outwardly peaceful part of the hills is uneventful, some would say deadly dull. But peel away the layers of country dullness and all sorts of unexpected things come to light, such as Audrey's sudden and inexplicable passion for Peter, the secret life of Hans the boring Dutch postman, the newlyweds who discover how different life is after the glamour of the wedding. And the dreadful consequences of unrequited and expensive love.

The people of Gumtree Gully think they know all there is to know about their neighbours. But our tales reveal the deepest secrets of these country folk and show the reader that there are extraordinary stories to be found everywhere if you only know where to look and how to listen.

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