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A long but poignant story of building Winsome RidgeHistory of the Ridge
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Here's what people are saying so far:

Hi there, just looked at your pages - rec'd the web site from my son in North Carolina --- we're in Arizona--- and enjoyed what I viewed so far.  Will have to go back when I have more time -- did enjoy! JB, USA
Bonjour there! Pleased to meet you and see your website. I work with your son at brice metals, and he told me to have a look and I must say it is very nice, must be a beautiful place to live lucky you. A, Australia
So does Linda really look like that? Wow, I knew Canadian/Aussies were hot, but man!! Hilarious site, by the way. I loved it! AP, USA
When I saw your temperature (96)--wow.  It's about 8 degrees F here with snow.  I have five chickens. that's the extent of my "farm".  Some mornings they have warm oatmeal for breakfast.  Today they had a zucchini. Rather amazing being able to talk to someone half a world away while I sip my morning coffee. All the best to you.  I really enjoy your stuff. MH, Canada
I have just visited your page and I laughed much!!  I spent an excellent moment and I will return to visite you . Like you, I stitch all the time, unfortunatly for my husband and children !! I 'am so happy to discover an Australian country home !!  Here, in France, country home are a little bit different :-)) . MAR, France
Like many others, I found your site while looking for info on chickens.  Really enjoyed the helpful notes, great photos, pictures, etc.  I especially like the page with all your critters.  I have two cats: one named Hamlet--he's pure white, blue eyes, deaf as a stove, and like your Reggie, he really only moves in order to eat.  I was thinking of making a combination litter box/bed for him so he just has to roll over.  My other cat, Mister, wears a muscle shirt and wants a tattoo.  Also a dog, (purebred Sheltie) named T-Rex who barks a lot.  (You may have heard him.) I live in a tiny town 100 miles north of Toronto, Ontario--right at the beach.  Not too hard to take.  It's great to talk to someone on the other side of the globe.  Keep up the great web site--I've certainly bookmarked it. MH, Canada
I've had a another look at your site and reckon this is your best update yet. You had us both chuckling which is very hard to do in decrepit old age, with Bobbie persistently passing wind at our feet. It wouldn't be so bad if she would keep them quiet. However, being stone deaf, she is unaware of the noise she makes and we are thinking about putting them on a CD and selling them in boxes complete with a bottle of the odour. BJ, England
Well, you can imagine my joy and amazement when I discovered that I had won your last big contest!  It’s the best contest that I have ever not entered. I’ve set a goal to not enter at least one contest a day and see if my luck holds. (Plus that was the best shampoo I’ve ever tasted. I had a buzz for days!) LM, USA
Just had to say that I came across your site today and I Love it! Sorry I do not live overseas (but I was born in England if that makes a difference). Actually I live just down the road in Morphett Vale so it would probably take me only about 45mins to get to you if I wanted to visit but I won't coz I'm too busy. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!! And stay zany coz I like you that way.

Pamela, Australia

I must tell you I loved your newsletter!! Had a bit of a rough day at the local Childrens Hospital where I am a nurse and that combined with yet another snowstorm put me in a sad state, but your Winsome Ridge news was just the thing to cheer me up. Thankyou...can't wait for my hubby to come home and show him. Love that rooster...yippee !! NM, Canada
Hi there you crazy folks!   Am I wrong, or is that arrangement of letters already unscrambled?? I've never heard of that nasal spray though. Do I win?? JS, Canada
Your website has provided me with the most delightful morning at work. I had the entire moring when work was not present to read your stories and laugh my head off at the plight of your house building (not unlike any rural american stories) and the characters in Gumtree Gully. If you are not published you definitely should be and please do not stop writing. PB, USA
We live in the Sierra Mountains of California and while looking for information on chickens I found your delightful webpage via and what a fun site you have! BH, USA
I thoroughly enjoyed your history, mostly because two years ago my wife and I bought ten acres of land and had a similar adventure.  We live about 20 miles out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada.  We have four cats, two dogs and two goats. We are currently building a chicken coop for twenty-five Hungarian Yellow hens.  The neighbour says I must pick them up by a week from today, at the latest, or they will be stew.  Thank you for making my morning coffee so enjoyable. JC,Canada
Just found your site, and love it.  Thanks for the laughs.  Hope all is well with y'all in your neck of the woods.  I'm going to share your site with my family and friends, especially my daughter, who dreams of living in Australia some day.  Hope to hear from you. Cindy, USA
I found your site while on a search for poultry photos, and at your wonderful site I found a few chickens and so much more!!  What a smile (ok, it was actually rolling-in-the-floor laughter) you have brought to my day!  Is it ok if I bring my cats and husband and move in with you? SF, USA
I found your site via link at Backyard Chickens. I've been back at least a dozen times! What fun, I really enjoy your site. Thank You for the great stories and the cross stitch patterns. LP, USA
What a wonderful way to end a day! Fell in love with Rodney!  I had been looking up chicken coop plans and found your site.  It has got to be a winner.  I'm putting you in my "favorites" section and when I want to relate to my kind of people I'll click on your site!  If you get bored e-mail me. Keep up the good web work!   Monica, USA
Love your site! I found you guys looking for info on chickens and had a good laugh  Keep up the lovely site, its great! S&JR, Australia
Now that I have finally stopped laughing, I just have to tell you that I think you guys are a hoot!! Keep up the good work on your web site and I will keep an eye out for updates. Thanks for the laughs. Sherry, USA
This is undoubtedly the funniest website I've ever come across.  After going through the first page, I sent a link to my sister in Virginia (USA).  I then proceeded to spend the next 40 minutes going through every other page and reading all the delightful adventures you've described.  Keep up the good work!  I'm going to bookmark this page and visit in the future to keep up to date on your adventures!  Thanks for the laughs! CO, USA
Whoo hoo!   Goodonya, that's one helluva site!  I'll be back!   JB, Australia
Thanks for all the time spent on amusing your public. I've met two other Aussies who are as zany as you. Now I'm curious how this came about? Is it just OZ ? MG, USA
Checked out your website,...I see nothing has changed, which is a good thing.  We count on you two staying crazy...that way I might seem normal *smirk* TL, Canada
Mom and I sat here and laughed for hours over your website.  We were going to enter the contest, but you'd just forget our Extremely Hilarious Caption anyway, so we didn't bother.   LM & HS, USA
Just wanted to let you know that I checked out your site again to see the updates.  As usual I enjoyed it thoroughly and had not a few chuckles. It was great seeing the new pictures, reading your account of the storm and the amusing articles. I especially liked the one about Oscar and Humprey and the impending shearing.  Thanks for sharing your wonderful website. Sharon, USA
It looks like you have outdone yourselves again with the latest version of that website.  It's even more off-the-wall than before.  Thanks for the awesome winning prize.  I really had to think about that ear popping question.  I'll think of you each time we are using the "new" motorhome.  RS, Canada
I live in eastern Canada about as far away from you as possible, thank goodness. Your life sounds very interesting and funny.Did you get the car out of the bedroom?? I love your site and have marked it as a favorite, I learned how to do that yesterday. NM, Canada
I love it! You two are so very creative and talented. It is the best site on the www that I have ever come across. I got internet service in December 2000 and your site is the BEST. LM, Canada
I found you after seeing Linda's wonderful square for the WTC quilt; enjoyed seeing her cross-stitch gallery and was totally trapped when I went on to the main website.  Loved the sheep (my ex-husband and I raised them when we lived in Costa Rica)!  I'm bookmarking the site so I can read some more tomorrow.Cheers! TG, USA
I just flipped through your web page.  You sound absolutely nuts and I love that in folks!  Write if you're lonely - or can get yourself out of bed.   Trisha, USA
I just came upon your site as a link on the Backyard chicken site. It is wonderful !!  Ya'll are a scream!!!  I love the pictures and whoever wrote the text should be a comedian.  I reallly just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your site!!  Keep up the good work! Debbie, USA
Your site is wonderfully funny.  I had a great time reading it and look forward to sharing it with friends and family! LD, USA
You're the Monty Pythons of the web! I can't stop reading! Wonderful witty humor (you could really make a living with your humor!), beautiful pictures, it's great!!  Thanks for giving me the most web fun I've had in a while! AA, USA
What a funny, funny web page.  My DH and I just belly laughed at every page.  He could relate to the Stitchers widower's support group.  Thanks for the laugh.  You made my day!   CC, USA
I've finally had a chance to check out your web site and I must say that I think its gorgeous!  Very entertaining ... and I've added it to my favorites so I can make regular visits and see whats going on up there in the hills. Thanks for the smiles  :-) MC, Australia
You have a terrific home page--please keep writing, it's SO entertaining! PM, USA
You two are crazy!  Thank goodness you provide such frequent light relief! My especial favourite is the sheep button, that when you click on it, says, 'This sheep chooses not to baa'!!! Sheep exercising freedom of choice- gotta love it! SD, Australia
I popped into your site via hug-a-chicken...thoroughly enjoyed the shots of your beautiful countryside. Thanks for the tour and thanks for the laughs! GB, USA
Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your page!!!!!  It just cracked me up. I actually came to see your X stitch but stayed much longer. VP, UK
I really like your cross stitching page. I can say that you love sheeps and chickens! I love my visit here. AA, Malaysia
Hi there, I love the web page and can't think of anything better to do with my time than to sit here reading it. Unfortunately I have to leave you, and actually do something! EB, Canada
I have put you on my favorites list.  Awesome!  Your backyard is beautiful and the yard seems to be filled with a group of characters, both four and two legged.   Your website is truly a find.   JW, USA
Really enjoyed looking at your website,and the photos, and it is really funny! The lovely views cheered me up, as it is pouring with rain here,and I live in a town, with streets all around me! I'll continue to occassionally visit you and keep up with the adventures! MD, UK
What a totally entertaining, hilarious website!! I have e-mailed my children your website address so that they may be entertained also. Keep up the great work - you are very talented and should do this for a living - you could make a million!   AN, Canada
I love your website - you really ought to use those skills professionally.  I'm sure you could make a fortune doing sites for local businesses etc. PS, UK
This is the most exciting and interesting website that I have seen!  The photographs are excellent and the information very humorous and enlightening!  This is the first website that I have viewed but not to worry.  I am sure if surpasses all others.    GB, Canada
Your website is really cute, you must know a lot about computers. I know squat and I like it that way. I can tell you have a great sense of humor! Too funny! DG, USA
This thing is a hoot!  I was hysterical reading about your animals!!  The dancing chook was a special favorite!  Thanks for a good laugh! DK, USA
Just logged on to your website and especially enjoyed your remarks about your pets and the case of the flying chickens. Hope you really didn't have such a horrendous time with the building of your house, otherwise .... wow!!!!! Keep up the hysterics for all to enjoy! WL, Canada
What lovely chooks you have! Don't teach them too well, they may end up flying over to good old Canada. Love the sound effects, great pictures and Tony isn't so bad either. D&J L, Canada
Please stop sending me emails! Anon
The website is a joy! Hours of reading fun! CV, Australia
Thanks for the computer, Daddy! SF, UK
You guys have done a great job on the website! I had a great time checking it out. I wish I knew how to do all the stuff you've done there. JS, Canada
There has obviously been a lot of effort put into this website.The layout,colour, and art work is excellent.The prose is impeccable and entertaining and is obvously the work of a professional who can't spell for toffee.I would recommend it as a tool for all potential websiters to study. Well done Linda and Tony. You are wonderful. GH, Australia
What a mottley crew! Very long and exaggerated. I think I've read this rubbish before. RS, Canada
Carumba!! Que pasa con el load of bollocks? JB, Mexico
I thought your website was a scream. I like the self-effacing sincerity of your humour and the wilful honesty that goes with it. I recoiled, reeling from the intense modesty of your personal stories and eccentricities. Having read Episode 1 of your painfully poignant "History" the reasons for Tony's unusual and inexplicable personality traits are becoming clear. No doubt all will be revealed to your devoted readers as we explore further the murky, treacherous waters of your life. SS, Australia
I spent 25 minutes reading through your website hoping to find something interesting!! GK, UK
The contest is a fake! Get real! Do you think we're a load of suckers out here? DR, USA
You two wingnuts make the internet worthwhile! PS, Canada
Thanks for the car, Daddy! SF, UK
Not bad for a bunch of amateurs. DE, UK
FANTASTIC, MARVELOUS, INSPIRING, AWESOME!! Great job. We were thinking of doing one but we just couldn't measure up, so we won't. MS, Canada
What a wonderful job you have done. Well done Tony and Linda......I most certainly will be checking to see what's coming next. Being related helped also, ha ha EH, Canada
You guys need help. Please don't ever come and visit me. LG, Germany
Love the website - definitely the best private one I have seen and better than many commercial ones - well worth reading PS, UK



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