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Exclusive photos of Tony and his amazing homing chickens as they undergo a rigorous training program in preparation for the Annual Echunga Homing Chicken Regatta and Bake-Off!

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Tony arrives at the training ground with Monica and Hilary firmly under control, as unlike your average chicken, they are simply bursting to soar with the eagles, and can't wait to get started!


The first exercise involves reminding the chickens how to fly, as sometimes they forget. After a few practice flights and a poke up the bum, they'll get the hang of it, and be ready for the tougher exercises, and Tony will need a stiff drink, to match his hair.


Tony gives Hilary some last minute instructions and encouragement before releasing her to fly all the way back to the chook house.


And she's off! Hilary makes a slight adjustment to the TV antenna before setting off on the long journey home.


Tony signals to the momentarily confused chooks, reminding them that the chook house is to the west.


Oscar looks on with disinterest as the chooks disappear in the northeast, and thinks, with all the wisdom of a sheep, 'bloody daft gits'.

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