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Winsome Ridge Pics!

Winsome Ridge is a picturesque property, located in the terribly scenic Adelaide Hills, about 50kms from Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. Our nearest village is Nairne, where we go for haircuts, car repairs and newspapers. For other things, we drive about 15kms to Mount Barker, a town of about 7,000. To find out more about this part of the world, try the links above, but don't forget to come back!

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To celebrate our surprise acquisition of a digital camera, we've been taking more pictures than anyone will ever want to see - pictures of sheep, cats, grass, pieces of wood, blank walls, wet rocks, the list goes on and on,

For your entertainment, here is a selection of the most boring ones.

Angus and Reggie are a bundle of energy, up to their usual shenanigans and hijinks

The changing of the seasons in our back yard

As are Tony and Linda!

Tony is particularly thrilled with his latest haircut (or was it the advances of the comely hairdresser that brought the smile to his face?)


Little do these contented sheep know that their happy little world is about to be turned on its head,
with the arrival of their nemesis............... the shearer! (and his dogs!)

Four sheep discuss the sudden crisis Oscar plans an escape route But alas, the shearer grabs him
And gives him a close shave Making him look particularly dopey As do they all

Later, Linda gloats at the woolshed, as the buyer prepares to hand over the cash


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